‘Overlord’ Director To Helm Flash Gordon Reboot


The planned Flash Gordon reboot has landed its new director in Overlord’s Julius Avery

Overlord filmmaker Julius Avery has been hired by Fox to bring a Flash Gordon reboot to the big screen. A Flash Gordon movie of some kind has been on the cards for about as long as anyone can remember but finally it seems that the on-again, off-again project is showing real signs of life thanks to the latest news. Originally, Kingsman writer-director Matthew Vaughn was on board to helm the film but following the soaring success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Flash Gordon was put on hold indefinitely and Vaughn vacated the position.

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Current now being what they are – with Guardians 3 being held in suspended animation for the time being plus the likely break we’ll be getting from Star Wars after Episode IXFlash Gordon may have a window of opportunity to receive most of the cosmic adventure spotlight and enough space from those established franchise films to make its presence felt.

Coming by way of Deadline, Avery’s pitch for Flash Gordon was received well by Fox which has now hired him for the project. For now, Avery is set to both write and direct the film. No further details with regards to the movie itself have been provided as of yet.

Having received iterations across media over the years, Flash Gordon originally began as a comic strip in 1934. The story centres around Flash – a got-it-all college athlete who embarks on a quest to save the earth from the forces of the planet Mongo and its leader Ming the Merciless.

With Avery now on board, the new Flash Gordon movie has a golden opportunity to establish the character in modern times, and with the right changes and updates, the Overlord director could be onto another winner here.

Flash Gordon is yet to receive an official release date

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Source: Deadline
By: @Andyjmorg

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