Cyborg Actor Keen To See Zack Snyder Direct A Solo Film


The DCEU’s Cyborg actor Ray Fisher is still interested in reprising the role in a solo film and would like to see Zack Snyder return to direct it

Ray Fisher is still keen to play Cyborg in a standalone movie, and wants his Justice League director Zack Snyder at the helm. Following Snyder’s departure from the 2017 DC team-up movie, Joss Whedon took over the project and under his leadership Cyborg was a little…under valued. Originally, Victor Stone was meant to have more of a backstory that showed snippets of his football career and relationships, but the final cut of the film axed those scenes presumably in favour of sticking more to the main story.

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With DC Films poised to release Aquaman in late November, after a quiet year in 2018, fans will get their first glimpse at the new direction the studio is moving in thanks to Walter Hamada’s headship. Since his appointment, many previously announced titles have been pushed to one side to set a solid game plan in place for the foreseeable future. Cyborg‘s position within this new schedule is unclear.

In a conversation DC World, Fisher was asked about Cyborg (funnily enough) and his role within Justice League, plus the potential future for the character. It’s clear that the  31-year-old actor is still keen to carry on in the role, and would like to see Snyder come back to bring a Cyborg solo film to the big screen:

“I did know about being a part of Justice League. Zack explained what the overall plan for me was at the time and that there was the potential of a Cyborg standalone down the line. Assuming the story would be grounded and compelling, I’d love to do a solo film. I think Cyborg has the potential for a superhero film unlike any we’ve seen before. If Zack were to ever come back to direct another DC film, he’d be my top pick to direct.”


According to Joe Morton, who played Silas Stone, Victor’s father in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, the Cyborg solo film is definitely still  happening. However, Fisher himself doesn’t seem to be aware of any official plans right now.

If the character were to be granted his own feature then much of Snyder’s take on his origins could be used instead of having to completely start from scratch. Of course, if there was any chance that Snyder would return to make the film himself then that would be a given, but at this point it’s pretty unlikely that he would return to DC. His exit from Justice League was somewhat messy, as later reports indicated that the studio had actually fired him long before the tragic passing of his daughter – which was the reason WB said he had left for.

Cyborg is not the most well known of the Justice League characters, and is currently the only member whose future is unclear. Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman and The Flash all have films on the way, and the studio seems to have future plans for Superman too. That said, Fisher is clearly up for more and if Warner Bros. can squeeze in a Cyborg movie somewhere in its line-up it might stand to gain given the actor’s enthusiasm.

Cyborg is yet to receive an official release date

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Source: DC World
By: @andyjmorg

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