60s Batmobile Caught On ‘Joker’ Movie Set


The 1960s Adam West version of the Batmobile has been seen arriving on the Joker movie set

A new video from the set of the Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker movie shows the Batmobile being transported to location. Following an overall disappointing start to its Worlds of DC (formerly DCEU) shared film universe, Warner Bros. has kept things on the quiet side in 2018 with only one title set for release at the end of the year, Aquaman. Despite the divisiveness, the studio has opted to keep hold of its ongoing cinematic world for the time being, albeit without Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman, pressing forward with a steady stream of new films including Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984. At the same time, WB has also been reflecting on its past successes, most notably with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and coming up with a high-calibre alternative to its Worlds of DC in which it gives talented filmmakers complete creative control. Queue Joker.

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Completely separate from DC Films’ shared universe, Joker will give audiences a new look at the Clown Prince of Crime and his origins in what is sure to be an R-rated film, following in the footsteps of last year’s Logan. Joaquin Phoenix plays the role of Arthur Fleck whom the movie will follow in his journey to becoming the popular Batman villain we all know and…love?? Speaking of B-man, it was assumed that Joker would be focusing solely on the maniacal madman himself but a new video may indicate the Batman will have some sort of part to play.

THEMAJESTIRIUM1 posted a video to YouTube showing the Batmobile being transported to the Joker movie set via truck. Older Batman fans will be able to see straight away that this design looks very similar if not identical to the Adam West Batmobile from the 1960s. See the link below to watch the video.


Click here to see the footage of the Batmobile arriving on the Joker set

Whether or not the presence of the car on the set is a sign to expect an appearance from the Caped Crusader remains mystery but could signal that we may get a glimpse of him in some shape or form. Having said that, Joker is supposedly set in a time where Thomas and Martha Wayne are still alive, with Bruce’s father in the running for Mayor of Gotham. It could be that the film takes inspiration from the Flashpoint comic story – which depicted an alternate timeline where Bruce had died instead of his parents and Thomas had become Batman – but that’s just one possibility.

In addition to that, it could well be that this is just a coincidence and the Batmobile was actually being taken somewhere else entirely, just happening to pass by the Joker set on the way to its destination. Another reason why it could be there is that director Todd Phillips thought it would be fun to include in a scene as an easter egg for long-time fans to spot for themselves while watching the movie.

If we take the appearance of the Batmobile as an indication that Bats will indeed show up then perhaps we will see Phillips put out a statement online in order to get the jump on the paprazzi, who already spoiled the first look at Joaquin Phoenix in full costume and makeup. Only time will tell.

Joker is yet to receive an official release date

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Source: YouTube
By: @andyjmorg

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