‘Venom’ Claws Past Previous October Opening Weekend Record With $80 Million Haul


Sony’s Venom has broken an October record in its opening weekend despite poor critic reviews

Despite critical panning, Sony’s Venom has broken box office records this weekend. The Tom Hardy-starred comic book film is the studio’s latest attempt to begin building its own successful Marvel universe outside of the MCU. While a partnership currently exists between the two superhero studios with regards to Spider-Man, it is generally believed that if Sony is able to launch its own franchise then it would no longer require the help of Marvel Studios to keep its Tom Holland-led property afloat.

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Alfonso Cuarón’s 2013 film Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, had been October’s all-time highest opening weekend up until this point, but Venom has now managed to gobble its way past the space-based drama. Reviews for Venom landed more towards the negative side of the scale, with the majority of critics citing that while the relationship between Eddie Brock and Venom (Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy) works well the film is a tonal mess and feels like it belongs in a pre-MCU/Dark Knight Trilogy era. That doesn’t seem to have stopped moviegoers from tearing into cinemas to see what Sony had in store for them, regardless of the critical wear and tear.

Taking a glance at Box Office Mojo, Venom has managed to claw in $80 million opening weekend beating the previous record by $20 million. Overseas, the movie bonded well with international audiences too leading it to make $205 million globally, and, bearing in mind its $100 million budget, the response has certainly done enough for Sony to seriously consider further instalments.

Venom‘s main competition, Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born, also performed admirably following early critical acclaim and positive word-of-mouth, leading to a haul of $42 million. While it was assumed Venom would outperform A Star Is Born, the latter’s financial performance could have had a major impact on the Spider-Man villain’s share of the money, but as it turns out it was nothing to worry about at all. Both exceeded box office expectations and there was plenty enough go around for them to share the loot.

Venom is showing in cinemas now

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Source: Box Office Mojo
By: @Andyjmorg

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