Kevin Smith Thinks Thanos Is Actually A Hero In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


Fatman on Batman podcast host and filmmaker Kevin Smith shares his views on Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos calling him a hero

Avengers: Infinity War first hit cinema screens back in April but fans are still talking about the movie and what it means to the future of the MCU moving forward. While the gargantuan superhero movie is memorable for many reasons, the biggest is unquestionably the deaths of many of the franchise’s main recurring characters in including Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Black Panther, Gamora and more. Most people seem to subscribe to the idea that Avengers 4 will be about undoing the damage done by Thanos in bringing back the fallen heroes through the use of time travel. Even though the large majority of fans know full well that certain characters are sure to be brought back – many of them are scheduled to appear in films post-Infinity War – the impact of their disappearance was still a huge blow dealt to them, of course, by the Mad Titan Thanos.

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That said, there are those that concede that Thanos does show some compassionate qualities, particularly in the scene where he sacrifices Gamora, not to mention his strength of character and resilience in pursuing what he believes to be the right moral path to peace. That being the case, it still wouldn’t necessarily mean that fans would go so far as to call him a hero even in spite of the fact that he is Infinity War‘s main character.

One such fan, famous as he is, is Fatman on Batman‘s Kevin Smith who recently spoke to the subject of Thanos’ debated status as a good guy or bad guy. While answering a question that challenged Smith and co-host Marc Bernardin to each put together a team of five heroes and five villains, Smith chose to take Thanos on as one of the members of his hero team and explained his decision as follows:

“Controversial choice, Thanos. From a certain perspective he’s a hero. He could have literally wiped out everybody with one snap. I call that mercy.”

It’s important to note that this was all in good fun, but Smith’s view of Thanos is clearly as he says somewhat “controversial”. The opinion causes both shock and curiosity at the same time. It’s clear that the Clerks filmmaker was trying to come up with an interesting pick for his good team and Bernardin’s rather comical response was to put Thanos on his bad team, causing some old good Thanos vs. bad Thanos battle worthy of a Street Fighter-style video game.

Thanos, like anyone, has had his views, beliefs and opinions shaped by his own personal experiences and in the movie we learn that his home world Titan was decimated by a lack of resources for the amount of people living there, and from that reasoned that if half of the life in the universe was eliminated then resources would be plenty enough for all to share ensuring that what happened to his home never happens again.

Kevin Smith thinks that there light in which you can see him as a hero. The remaining Avengers however, aren’t likely to hold the same view.

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Source: Fatman on Batman
By: @andyjmorg

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