Ryan Gosling Asked If He Would Play Batman; Wants Damien Chazelle To Direct

First Man star Ryan Gosling is directly asked whether he would ever want to play Batman and says he would like to see La La Land director Damian Chazelle at the helm

Ryan Gosling is will take to the big screen in First Man this coming October, which sees the 37-year-old actor step into the shoes of iconic astronaut Neil Armstrong on his path to the moon from 1961-69. First Man marks Gosling’s second big budget sci-fi title in a row following last year’s Blade runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049, after his early career consisted mostly of indie movies. This venture into new territory has shown Gosling’s ability to carry films in a variety of genres, and many have wondered as to whether he will be looking to branch out into the ever popular world of comic book movies.

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Given Gosling’s talent and growing status in Hollywood, there’s no doubt that he is worthy of his own franchise character and the superhero scene would definitely be able to provide him with an opportunity there. While there have been a couple of rumours attaching him to film’s such as Doctor Strange and Suicide Squad over the years, Gosling has yet to sign the dotted line with one of the major comic book movie-making studios, but surely its only a matter of time before he does.

In a cast interview with Variety for First Man, Gosling was asked directly if he would want to play Batman, to which he laughed before answering the question, saying that he would like to see his director Damien Chazelle (whom he also worked with on La La Land) helm a movie about the Caped Crusader:

Clearly he’s just having a bit of fun here, and Chazelle’s name is not likely to be linked to any superhero projects any time soon given that he has a number of projects already lined up on the docket. As for Gosling himself, there’s a strong possibility that he’s already been contacted about major superhero roles before now, but perhaps his reaction here indicates that right now he’s not thinking about taking on a big multiple-picture franchise deal any time soon. Blade Runner 2049 was his first large budget film and since that didn’t perform well at the box office, despite its quality, he may not be too keen to step back into the limelight. It seems far more likely that he would choose to continue to appear in more arty independent films working alongside the best upcoming filmmakers, as he is once again with Chazelle’s First Man.

That said, Joaquin Phoenix recently signed on for Warner Bros and DC Films’ Joker origin movie – something he wouldn’t normally be expected to undertake – and if the likes of DC and Marvel look to broaden the scope of their comics-based franchises to encompass independent film-like offerings such as this we could well see the likes of both Chazelle and Gosling making a foray into the genre.

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Source: Variety
By: @andyjmorg

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