Listen To Eminem’s Official ‘Venom’ Movie Track


The title track for Sony’s Venom movie is unveiled with the release of Eminem’s new album Kamikaze

Within just hours of the news that critically acclaimed artist Eminem would be releasing his dedicated theme song for Sony’s Venom movie, the full song has now been released thanks to the 45-year-old rapper dropping his new album, Kamikaze. The Tom Hardy-led comic book film is set for cinematic release in early October and the unveiling of its official track signals the beginning of the final stage of its marketing campaign.

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While Venom is not believed to be connected to Tom Holland’s MCU-tied Spider-Man, the movie’s trailers have shown that it could be able to perform just fine standing on its own two feet, and that it will be much darker in tone. As the studio ventures into new territory in building its own Marvel world, using Spider-Man related characters, it will be hoping for Venom to kick start an ongoing series of connected films. Thankfully, the film’s trailers have been well receive for the most part, and now that the new song has been released it should only add to the positive momentum it’s already built up.

Venom sees journalist Eddie Brock (Hardy) investigating a shadowy corporation subjecting people to unethical experiments with an alien symbiote that takes possession of the hosts body. While on the job, Eddie becomes taken over by the symbiote and begins to display extraordinary abilities while henchman attempt to chase him down, and the foreign symbiote identifies itself to Eddie, taking over his body completely as Venom.

Have a listen to Eminem’s “Venom” by clicking on the link below:

While the track doesn’t contain any spoilers for the movie (sorry to those hoping it would), Eminem’s lyrics are very clearly influenced by the theme’s in Venom, drawing comparisons between the threatening alien symbiote and himself and commenting on how parents see him as somewhat of a supervillain in the lives of children who listen to his music.

Eminem’s Kamikaze is available to stream via Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and the Eminem Store

Venom claws its way into cinemas October

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Source: Twitter/Marshall Mathers
By: @andyjmorg

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