Ben Affleck Still A Producer On The Batman; Filming To Start In Spring 2019


The lastest news surrounding Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie indicates Ben Affleck is still set to produce and that a Spring 2019 production start date is being targeted

Following his Worlds of DC (formerly known as the DCEU) debut in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck received praise from critics and fans alike as his older, more world-weary Bruce Wayne gave us perhaps the most comic book-like cinematic take on the character. Despite the film’s shortcomings, Affleck provided Warner Bros. and DC Films with a hope for the future as a successful Batman could then be used as a cornerstone for the franchise moving forward (much like Iron Man in the MCU). However, given the film series’ mixed reception and Justice League‘s disappointing Box Office results, it’s been unclear as to whether Affleck wants to continue on in the role or hang up his cape.

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Just last month, numerous sites reported that The Batman director Matt Reeves was contemplating bringing in a much younger actor to take on the part instead of Affleck. At his point, it’s still unclear as to how DC and Reeves would be planning to introduce a new Batman while keeping ties to the Worlds of DC canon, although it wouldn’t be too difficult for Affleck’s Bruce Wayne to appear briefly in the movie to pass on the mantle to someone new. Whichever direction Reeves chooses to move forward in, it looks as though Affleck will continue to be involved with the project.

According to a report from Production Weekly (via Pursue News), Affleck will still be a producer on The Batman, which is aiming to officially go into production in Spring 2019. While Warner Bros. hasn’t come out and confirmed this as of yet, the source has proven to be a reliable one in the past.

While we don’t have any further details at this early stage, the notion that Affleck will remain at least a part of the Batman cinematic world (even if it isn’t in front of the camera) is definitely a positive thing. Reeves himself confirmed that Affleck was still “involved” with The Batman recently, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will definitely be in the movie, it does at least up the likelihood that he will be seen onscreen, even if its just briefly.

We know that Affleck’s iteration of the character was somewhat of a veteran, having been fighting crime in the guise of the caped crusader for twenty years when we were first introduced to him in Batman v Superman. It could well be that Reeves opts to explore some of his earlier years and perhaps Affleck’s Bruce Wayne could appear in the film simply to serve as a way to flashback to the past, keeping the movie consistent with the current ongoing story arc of the Worlds of DC.

The Batman is yet to receive an official release date

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Source: Production Weekly (Pursue News)
By: @andyjmorg

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