Hasbro Working On A Sequel To 2017 ‘Power Rangers’ Movie


Hasbro is planning to make a direct sequel to 2017’s Power Rangers despite its financial shortcomings

The Power Rangers made their mighty return to the big screen last year in a live-action reboot that managed to gain some new fans of its own. Sadly, that wasn’t enough for the movie to perform well at the box office as it ended its cinematic run with a mere $142 million worldwide off of a sizeable $100 million budget. It seemed as though Paramount and Saban’s hopes of creating a new franchise with potential were shot and that Power Rangers would be unlikely to receive a follow-up at all.

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Following its home video release however, the movie found itself a larger team of supporters as fairly positive word of mouth saw sales on the up, and from the latest news surrounding the property it seems as though it did just the trick.

A new report from Inside Licensing has confirmed that Paramount, along with new Power Rangers‘ rights owner Hasbro, are developing a direct sequel to the 2017 film at their All Spark Pictures studio:

Hasbro will work with a film studio to develop a new Power Rangers movie as a follow-up to the 2017 release.

Since acquiring Power Rangers, Hasbro had made its intentions known that it would be making its own Power Rangers films, but it was expected that it would opt to reboot in order to both provide a fresh start for the franchise but also to separate its movies from the former partnership Paramount had with Saban.

While the last year’s Power Rangers struggled financially at the box office, the same  cannot be said for the brand’s toy sales which skyrocketed around the time of the film’s release and that has perhaps been a major factor in Hasbro choosing to continue the current iteration of the movie franchise rather than rebooting. That said, if its desire is to create an ongoing series of PR films the sequel will have to be more of heavy hitter sales wise than its predecessor. A lower production budget may be a good place to start.

More on Power Rangers 2 as it happens.

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Power Rangers 2 is yet to receive a release date

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Source: Inside Licensing
By: @andyjmorg

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