Warner Bros. & DC Films Currently Developing ‘Supergirl’ Movie


Warner Bros. and DC reveal plans for a solo Supergirl movie amidst the studios’ ever-growing number of planned comic book titles

With Warner Bros. and DC Films beginning to ramp up marketing for this year’s Aquaman, along with 2019’s Shazam!, it seems the superhero studio is more than ready to make a splash following a much quieter period, after the two-films-a-year strategy it had going. The James Wan directed movie looks to bring heaps of fun to the Worlds of DC universe (formerly known as the DCEU) and provide somewhat of a refresh for both the franchise and its audience. While Aquaman and Shazam! are next out of the gate, WB has a number of DC properties on the burner. We know that Matt Reeves is currently at work planning The Batman, Patty Jenkins is readying Wonder Woman 1984, and we’ve more recently heard about the non-connected Joaquin Phoenix Joker film, but it now seems the studio is contemplating adding a solo Supergirl movie to the list.

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While many are still waiting for news on Man of Steel 2, with Henry Cavill expressing his heartfelt desire to appear in the role again to do the character the justice it deserves, it looks as though the push for adding more female-led comic book titles has led Warners to put begin putting parts in place to see if Supergirl would be a good option. Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, currently has her own CW TV show with Glee’s Melissa Benoist in the role, and the series, while not being for everybody, has built up a devoted fan base which has led to an increase in the character’s overall popularity. Certainly from that point of view, a Supergirl movie seems a compelling choice for DC Films to go with in its quest to restructure its shared cinematic universe.

According to Deadline, 22 Jump Street writer Oren Uziel has been brought in by Warner Bros. to write a script for Supergirl. While there are no further details to report, the move evidently shows the company’s desire to bring the character to the big screen. Subsequently, The Wrap has confirmed, if it wasn’t already assumed, that the movie will have no connection to Benoist’s incarnation on television and will be a completely new version of the Kryptonian character.

If Supergirl makes it through the planning phase then she would be one of the very few DC heroes to exist on both the cinema and TV screen simultaneously, with The Flash, for example, already doing so. It’s reported that while the movie will be totally separate from the TV show, it will be fairly similar in tone.

The news however, will come as a little strange to some with fans still patiently waiting for the aforementioned follow up to Man of Steel, having had no reports of progress on the film for sometime; “that’s not the Kryptonian we asked for!” Speaking of the 2013 Superman origin story, Supergirl was actually teased in the movie, firstly by way of the tie-in Man of Steel prequel comic (which Kara was essentially the main character of) that had her arriving on Earth thousands of years in our past, while the film itself hinted that she may still be around now as one of the Kryptonian sleeping chamber doors was shown to be open. Whether or not Uziel’s script will take this reference in to account is unclear at this point, but with DC reshuffling the universe as a whole following the Zack Snyder era it could well be that any prior setup for the character is dropped in favour of starting afresh.

While Supergirl is not Superman, the fact that she could be receiving her own film title could well indicate that Warners is planning on making moves on the Kryptonian front in general, and given their relationship to each other it seems more than likely that Supes will be seen flying alongside her at some point soon.

Supergirl is yet to receive a release date

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Source: DeadlineThe Wrap
By: @andjmorg

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