Character Battles: James Bond Vs. Ethan Hunt


Two iconic action heroes but only one can come out on top. If a fight were to break out between MI6’s greatest spy James Bond, and the Impossible Mission Force’s most elite agent Ethan Hunt, who would win?

With the recent confirmation of Daniel Craig’s final Bond film going into production, James Bond is about to jump right back onto our screens again for what is sure to be an action-packed send off. Craig’s version of the long-standing character has firmly brought the British spy into the 21st Century striking the perfect balance between ladies man and hitman. 007 has shown his ability to deal with a range of challenging situations both with gadgets and without them.

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Bond’s notable abilities and feats include:

Catching an athletic, parkour-running bomb maker and taking down an embassy single handed in the process,

Being chased by multiple enemies and killing them while driving,

Continuing to fight while seriously injured,

Beating a man twice his size in hand-to-hand combat,

Weapons/firearms training and expertise,

Good strategist,

Good improviser,

Doesn’t break under severe torture

Completed all training involved in becoming an MI6 spy.

An impressive display of ability indeed!

However, Mission Impossible‘s Ethan Hunt has seen his fair share of action too. As arguably Tom Cruise’s most iconic character, Hunt benefits from all of the incredible feats that Cruise wishes to undertake on a film set himself. These involve some borderline superhuman stunts beyond what an ordinary human would be capable of. Through five movies, and with a sixth on the way, the IMF agent has often had to adapt to changing circumstances while still having to keep missions as discreet as possible so as not to draw too much attention.

Hunt’s notable abilities and feats include:

Expert martial artist,

Weapons/firearms training and expertise,

Peak human stamina and running speed,

Master tactician and strategist,

Master improviser,

Doesn’t break under extreme torture,

Has taken down enemies while in, and jumping between, moving vehicles on land, air and sea,

Free climbed the world’s tallest building,

Continuing to fight while seriously injured,

Completed all training involved in becoming an IMF agent.

Not bad!

In all likelihood, after tracking each other’s whereabouts, scoping each other out and trading some shots, the fight would probably come down to hand-to-hand combat. So, perhaps the real question would be who is the more skilled H2H combatant? Either way, have your say!

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By: @andyjmorg

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