Latest ‘Aquaman’ Image Provides Best Look Yet At New Armour


The first promotional image for Warner Bros.’ upcoming underwater superhero film Aquaman makes it way online

DC Films has been noticeably quiet in 2018 following two consecutive years of churning out DCEU titles, from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in early 2016, to its most recent October release Justice League. While the studio hit the mark with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, its other comic book films have been met with mixed reception, at best. Justice League actually struggled to breakeven and being DC Films’ big Avengers-style team-up movie equivalent that was a disappointing result. All in all, Justice League‘s performance indicated to Warners that its goldmine DC properties needed a rethink, although the studio stopped shy of rebooting the franchise entirely. Could the studio’s sole 2018 film Aquaman give the DCEU the boost it needs?

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Audiences were first introduced to Jason Momoa’s take on the soon-to-be Atlantean King in last year’s Justice League, in which he was brought into the newly formed League by Batman and Wonder Woman. Director Zack Snyder’s edgier version of the typically goofy looking hero was welcomed by fans and Momoa brought an intensity to the character that many wished had been explored more in the film. That said, it does mean that Aquaman has somewhat of a blank canvas with which its helm, James Wan, will hopefully be able to paint a clearer picture of Arthur Curry’s life. While Aquaman is set after the events of Justice League it may not provide much of a reference to its predecessor as Atlantis often separates itself from the surface world in the comics – which also gives WB the opportunity to leave the problematic film behind it and focus on its next wave of comic book movies.

One of Aquaman’s main aesthetic differences in Justice League, when compared to his classic comic book depictions, was his bold armoured suit, along with his quindent (not the usual Trident of Neptune), which was a major part of making both the character and his underwater kingdom seem more militaristic and mighty than their common depictions. Arriving via Reddit user vizgauss, the first real promotional image for the upcoming film shows Momoa’a Aquaman with his redesigned armoured suit, which looks even more substantial than his JL attire:

It looks as though there’s much more golden armour on the new suit, as opposed to the previous costume’s muted dark green and orange tones, however he still seems to have possession of the same quindent used in the team-up movie. While promoting Justice League Momoa made clear that we will only see Arthur take control of the Trident when he becomes King, which for all we know could happen in Aquaman. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s expected that the first trailer for the upcoming film will be released very soon, so stay tuned for more on Aquaman as it happens.

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Aquaman swims into cinemas December 21st

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Source: Reddit
By: @andyjmorg

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