Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Potential ‘Avengers 4’ Spoiler


Gwyneth Paltrow reveals some new details about Marvel’s 2019 follow-up to the recently released Avengers: Infinity War

(This article contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War)

Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers 3) brought Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts back to the MCU with the announcement that she and Tony are very much ready to get married, before Thanos’ Black Order showed up on Earth to seize the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. Tony tells Pepper about a dream he had in which they had a child, most likely foreshadowing something to come down the line, or perhaps alluding to the fact that she is actually pregnant even though she says she’s not.

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Given the back-to-back production on Avengers 3 and 4 it’s expected that many of Infinity War‘s set-ups are specifically intended for its follow-up, and with most of the cast having now finished shooting the fourth Avengers movie it’s likely we’ll be getting more details about ‘Infinity War Part II’ in the coming months. With regards to the MCU‘s original power couple, they may even have had they child by the time the events of Avengers 4.

Speaking with the OFFICIAL Avengers: Infinity War Magazine (via ComicBook), Paltrow let slip that the fourth instalment will take place a “decade” after the conflict in Infinity War, and that Pepper and Tony will have gotten married and had a child:

“Pepper and Tony have had a real long journey together. She obviously starts as his dutiful assistant, and then the relationship evolves, and now this decade later they’re married, and they have a child. Their relationship has evolved in all of the ways that great romances evolve.”

It does sound as though Paltrow must be talking about Avengers 4 as Infinity War seems to resume shortly after the events of Thor: Ragnarok, meaning a decade could not have passed. So, it may be that Earth’s Mightiest, and the rest of the world, really will have to live with the effects of Thanos’ ‘snap’ for ten years before they figure out a way to undo some of the damage done in Avengers 3. We know that some degree of time travel and/or inter-dimensional travel will be happening in Avengers 4 just judging by the set photos online which have shown an aged Tony Stark standing alongside the 2012 Avengers version of Captain America in what appears to be The Battle of New York from that first Avengers film. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is also present in the pic and he wasn’t even on the scene at that time.

What we can also gather from Paltrow’s comments is that Pepper sounds to have survived the ‘snap’ and she and Tony have been able to move forward and start a family. How large of a role the child will play is unkown, although perhaps in the not-too-distant future they could very well take Tony’s place in the Iron Man suit.

Avengers 4 is set for release on May 3rd, 2019

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Source: ComicBook
BY: @andyjmorg


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