Scott Adkins Officially Cast In ‘Ip Man 4’


Film star and martial artist Scott Adkins is officially cast in the upcoming fourth instalment of the Donnie Yen-led Ip Man film series

Martial arts film star Scott Adkins has slowly been making a name for himself in Hollywood over the last number of years, with appearances in movies like Doctor Strange and The Bourne Ultimatum, while also starring in some of his own smaller projects including the Undisputed film series. Adkins’ expertise in fight technique and choreography have additionally landed him on many a fan casting list for roles such as Bruce Wayne/Batman. It’s clear that the 41-year-old actor has a sizeable, highly supportive fanbase which, along with his natural talent, has been a key part of his rise in the film world.

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Perhaps one of the biggest martial arts-focused franchises that Adkins has yet to get involved in is the Donnie Yen-led Ip Man series, which follows the real-life Wing Chun grandmaster (Ip Man) responsible for training Bruce Lee. While the Ip Man titles have performed extremely well in China, they’ve also managed to break through in the West making Yen himself an International star and attracting the likes of celebrities such as Mike Tyson to appear in them.

Recently, Adkins took to Instagram to announce that he has officially joined the cast of Ip Man 4, currently filming in China. Yen himself asked Adkins to play the role, who says that he believes the Ip Man films are “modern martial arts film masterpieces”. Check out the image below:

While no clue is given as to what Adkins’ role will be, it’s more than likely that he will be playing the villain, given that filmmakers know how much people would enjoy seeing he and Yen fight each other in the movie. The pair are two of the finest actor/choreographers in the business and so their scenes together should be quite the spectacle.

So far, the Ip Man titles have all been box office hits and Adkins’ involvement in the upcoming fourth instalment should only propel the movie to greater heights than its predecessors.

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Ip Man 4 does not yet have a release date

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