‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Early Reactions – It’s A Lot


The first wave of reactions to Avengers: Infinity War hit the web with most praising Marvel’s latest film as an action-packed thrill rideThe press screening for Avengers: Infinity War took place Wednesday night, ahead of the film’s theatrical release this Friday, and the first (non-spoiler) reactions are hitting the web. Avengers 3 is one of the most highly anticipated films in history, and is projected to be one of the most successful at the box office too. As the culmination of a ten year-running franchise, bringing together every major MCU hero from Captain America to Rocket Raccoon, Infinity War has been setup as the epic conclusion to ongoing Infinity Stones story arc begun in IronMan (2008).

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It seems Marvel’s gargantuan superhero team-up film has A LOT going on, with beginning-to-end action and a strong emotional punch, mixed in with the franchise’s trademark humour, of course. Catering for the film’s 27+ main characters was the big task that the Russo Brothers faced with Infinity War, and it seems that while the movie absolutely needs every second of its two and a half hour runtime to do it, it just about manages to strike that balance. Another important takeaway from the early reaction to the movie is that Thanos really is the star of the show here, and according to TJCS‘s John Campea, he is “The best villain character the MCU has ever had”. In fact, the YouTube show host didn’t stop there, going on to say “It will challenge Heath Ledger’s Joker for the best comic book movie villain of all-time”.

Following InfinityWar’s first ever screenings in Los Angeles and New York City, the first reactions from the press and other invited parties have begun to poor in online. Check them out below:

While the vast majority of the reactions are glowing, there are a couple of not-so-positive opinions on the movie sprinkled in. As mentioned previously, Avengers 3 is a film with so much going on and the way that the Russo’s opt to handle all of it is not necessarily going to suit everybody.

That said, Infinity War sounds as though it delivers on its premise in spades with lots of action and humour to offset some of the seriousness of the threat that Thanos possesses to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

One key comment we’re hearing more and more from those who’ve already seen the film is that there are many surprises awaiting fans, literally right from the opening of the movie, so it’s all the important to stress staying away from spoilers if possible.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres April 27th

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Source: Various (see links above), TJCS
By: @andyjmorg

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