Shazam! Quietly Adds 5 New Superheroes To The DCEU

The upcoming DCEU film Shazam! may introduce 5 new superhero characters to the ever-growing comic book franchise

With Shazam! currently in the midst of filming on its Toronto set, DC Films is trying to keep as many of the film’s details under wraps as possible, despite the leaked images of its lead Zachary Levi in costume. As the studio’s next upcoming title after Aquaman, which is on the way later this year, there’s a lot riding on Shazam! to be good following the overall disappointing streak the DCEU is currently on. Clearly Warner Bros. believes in the Mightiest Mortal’s ability to entertain a crowd, which, particularly when paired with his arch-nemesis Black Adam (played by the charismatic Dwayne Johnson), may well prove to be exactly what the superhero franchise needs to win back public support.

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It now looks as though DC may also be using the David F. Sandberg directed film to introduce the Shazam Family to its DCEU. Shazam! tells the story of young Billy Batson who one day is called upon by an immensely powerful Wizard, known as Shazam, who bestows him with the power of the Gods: (S) genius of Solomon, (H) strength of Hercules, (A) unbreakable will of Atlas, (Z) lightning blasts of Zeus, (A) the power of Achilles, (M) the speed of Mercury – Shazam. From then on in, whenever Billy utters the word Shazam! he is transformed into the, fully-grown adult, hero the world names Captain Marvel. Whether or not the character will be called Captain Marvel in the film version is uncertain, but it might be more sensible for the studio to name him Shazam seeing as Marvel Studios is about to introduce the Marvel Comics character of the same name in to its MCU.

The Shazam Family (Freddy, Mary, Eugene, Pedro and Darla) are Billy’s foster family members who later in the comics became superpowered heroes, like Billy himself. While there’s no official word on the possibility of their appearance in the movie just yet, MrWillWong recently spotted Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Ross Butler (Riverdale) arriving in Toronto, coinciding with the first appearance of Michelle Borth(), D. J. Cotrona() and Meagan Good() on the Shazam! set. Additional research courtesy of Screen Rant shows that these names seem to be legit and that we can expect to see:

Adam Brody appearing as Freddy Freeman, Michelle Borth as Mary Marvel, Ross Butler as Eugene Choi, D. J. Cotrona as Pedro Peña and Meagan Good as Darla Dudley.

It is important to reiterate that the castings have yet to be confirmed by the studio, but if true the introduction of the Shazam Family could present DC with an opportunity to build a new franchise within its DCEU, if all things go to plan that is. The charm and charisma of the characters’ comic book depictions could translate well to screen and give moviegoers an enjoyable experience, while also making Shazam himself a new fan-favourite.

Shazam! flies into cinemas April 5th

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Source: MRWillWong, Screen Rant, Boss Logic
By: @andyjmorg

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