The Latest ‘Incredibles 2’ Footage Has Revealed A Lot About The Film’s Plot (Spoilers)


New details about Disney/Pixar’s upcoming Incredibles sequel are revealed following the film’s latest press screening

(This article contains spoilers)

The Incredibles (2004) presented a superhero world in which costumed heroes had been made illegal, following a series of mistakes and mishaps that were making the supers more and more of a liability for the government to deal with. The (Incredible) Parr family were living ordinary lives, going to their normal jobs and their normal schools, but Bob/Mr. Incredible wanted desperately to relive the glory days once again. As the movie played out, the Parr’s ended up saving the day and Incredibles 2 will see the results of their actions, though not before they deal with the threat of The Underminer teased in the first film. Having now seen a number of trailers and spots for the upcoming sequel it’s been made clear that the movie will see Bob and Helen/Elastigirl’s roles switched, with Helen going off to fight crime and Bob tasked with staying at home with the Kids.

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Recently, however, footage from Incredibles 2 was shown to the press while visiting Pixar Animation Studios which has brought to light further details about director Brad Bird’s new film. It sounds as though the material shown was taken from the first act, and included major plot details (or setup at the very least) that reveal much about what fans can expect to see in the movie.

Screen Rant was one such party in attendance, and according to its recent report the film will indeed pick up right where the first left off with The Incredibles, and the super-cool Frozone of course, trying to stop The Underminer. Ultimately, though, the underground burrowing thief gets away and the family is captured by the government, “because superheroes are illegal”. Perhaps the other most important piece of information from Screen Rant is about a company in the movie called DevTech, run by Winston and Evelyn Deavor, who want to see superheroes back in the spotlight and believe that Elastigirl is the right choice to launch the movement, seeing as Mr. Incredible’s methods can be somewhat more destructive than hers, helping with public perception. One of the Deavor’s ideas is to fit “built-in cameras that record everything ” to their suits so that people can see things from the heroes’ perspective – helping to bridge the gap between the supers and the people.

Incredibles 2 is currently on track to be one of Disney/Pixar’s highest grossing films to date, thanks mainly to the mark the first film made, but also due to its marketing, with each trailer seeming to sit well with both longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise.

Be sure to check out Screen Rant‘s article for more information.

Incredibles 2 opens in cinemas July 13th

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Source: Screen Rant
By: @andyjmorg

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