‘Aquaman’ To Open One Week Earlier In The UK


Good news for DC Film fans in the U.K. as Aquaman is now scheduled to open a week earlier than its original late-December release date

In what will be a much quieter year for DC Films, the end of 2018 will see the release of the James Wan directed Aquaman movie, starring Jason Momoa as the underwater King (or soon-to-be King at least). Following a string of divisive films, Wonder Woman aside, Aquaman will need to be a hit if the studio wishes to restore moviegoers’ faith in its DCEU franchise. Justice League‘s disappointing performance financially, finishing its theatrical run as the lowest grossing DCEU movie to date, is the clearest indication to Warner Bros. yet that general audiences are not completely sold on its comic book movie formula, in stark contrast to Marvel’s MCU which continues to draw in the crowds ten years since its inception.

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Nonetheless, Warners has opted to carry on full steam ahead with a number of projects currently in development, most notably of which are the Zachary Levi led Shazam! movie headed to cinemas in April next year, and Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sequel which currently has an unspecified 2019 premiere. Of course, there’s also a plethora of titles that the studio has publicly stated are on the way (supposedly), including Nightwing, Batgirl, Gotham City Sirens and many more, but whether or not half of these will actually see the light of day is anyone’s guess at this point. Having said that, there’s still plenty for DC fans to look forward to, and it now looks as though those in the UK will not have to wait quite as long for Aquaman‘s debut as originally expected.

It’s now been confirmed by Digital Spy that WB has brought Aquaman forward in its release schedule, moving it from December 21st to a new December 14th date. Why the film’s release date has been changed in the U.K. and not the U.S. (& other markets), is unknown, although Digital Spy speculates that there could very well be a similar change for the movie’s North American opening day on the way.

It doesn’t seem as though the date change is a strategic move per say given that December will be a fairly stacked month throughout, with films such as Mortal Engines, Mary Poppins Returns and Bohemian Rhapsody releasing over its course. Although, the new date means that Aquaman will now be opening against Sony’s animated Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, as opposed to Alita: Battle Angel, while also providing a little more breathing space from Transformers’ Bumblebee spin-off.

What is perhaps the most surprising thing at this point is that Aquaman still hasn’t had its first trailer yet, bearing in mind that we’re now a little more than eight months out from seeing it on the big screen.  Could some sort of tease be on the way soon? Hopefully so.

Aquaman swims into cinemas December 14th

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Source: Digital Spy
By: @andyjmorg

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