‘A Quiet Place’ Writers Have Plenty Of Ideas For A Sequel


A Quiet Place writers Bryan woods and Scott Beck have already got ideas for a potential sequel to the hit horror film

The John Krasinski directed (and starred) horror A Quiet Place took the box office by storm this past weekend, taking the top spot with a domestic earning of $50 million, with both critics and fans alike praising (as quietly as possible) the film for its gripping suspense and family-focused story. Set in an eerie post-apocalyptic world, in which blind creatures hunt humans using their heightened sense of hearing, a young family must move across the country in silence, communicating only via sign language so as not to draw attention to themselves, scavenging for supplies as they go. Krasinski along with his real-life spouse Emily Blunt play the parents who tirelessly do everything they can to protect their children from the very real dangers of the dark world around them.

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While A Quiet Place, without spoiling anything, ends pretty openly, it’s not yet clear as to whether there are plans for a sequel. Of course, with the movie having performed so well in its opening weekend it is highly likely that a follow-up will be considered at the very least, specially given Hollywood’s franchising habit.

The film’s screenwriters, Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, recently spoke with Fandango and addressed the potential for a follow-up, from a story perspective, of which the pair evidently have a lot of unused ideas left over from the first film:

“There are so many discarded set pieces, too, just hiding out on Word documents on our computer. So, yeah, there are certainly so many stories you could tell. It’s just really, at the end of the day, who are the characters in this and what does this situation mean to that dynamic?”

There’s no question that A Quiet Place‘s world has lots of potential for further exploration, and, while bearing some similarities, it presents a welcome variation from the many post-apocalyptic zombie-based settings of current ongoing film franchises and TV shows. It would be interesting to see other characters having to go through the struggles of the Abbott family, albeit in their own way so as not to make things to samey, and finding their own ways of dealing with the threat of the (extra)-sound-sensitive, extraterrestrial creatures.

As Krasinski’s third time in the director’s chair, following his efforts with 2009’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and 2016’s The Hollars, the 38-year-old filmmaker has really hit home with A Quiet Place and it’s going to be interesting to see which direction he goes with his next project, whether it’s A Quiet Place 2 or something entirely different.

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Source: Fandango
By: andyjmorg

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