‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Clip Shows More Guardians & Thor


Avengers: Infinity War’s latest promotional clip offers an extended look at Chris Hemsworth’s Thor interacting with The Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel continues its final marketing push for Avengers: Infinity War, with new information and clips being released practically on a daily basis. While the studio evidently wanted to keep as much of the promotional spotlight on the incredibly successful Black Panther, Infinity War‘s impending release meant it was finally time to shift the focus, even if the movie basically sells itself, and Marvel unveiled the film’s second trailer earlier this month. Avengers 3 ties together all the events and characters since the beginning of the MCU, with Iron Man (2008), and brings the franchise’s ultimate threat, Thanos, firmly into the fold.

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Following the hugely profitable Black Panther, it seems the studio has nothing to fear financially with Infinity War either, as the film wasted no time in breaking the pre-ticket sales record just mere hours after they went on sale. The movie is currently tracking for sales of $215 million (Domestic) in its opening three days in theatres, which would make it Marvel’s highest grossing opening weekend, and the fact that it’s still five weeks from release only gives it more time for that estimate to increase.

With the ongoing release of clips from the movie finding their way online, the latest of which come via Candice S. West’s Twitter account showing footage of the Guardians of the Galaxy literally bumping into Thor for the first time. While Avengers 3‘s first trailer showed us a glimpse of this scene the clip, aired at the recent Kids’ Choice Awards event, provides a little more in the way of footage:

While the quality of the footage isn’t wonderful, it is clear enough to see, and hear, what’s happening here, with the Guardians tending to Thor after his presumed run-in with Thanos himself, if the ending of Thor: Ragnarok is anything to go by. Exactly how much time Thor will spend with the space-fairing team in the movie is unclear but we do know that the God of Thunder will be off on his own quest, with reports suggesting he and Thanos receive the most screentime in Infinity War.

Perhaps the main takeaway here is seeing how close-knit the Guardians have become with one another – it’s been two years since the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – specially when compared with the current state of Earth’s Avengers, who, following the their fallout in Captain America: Civil War, remain somewhat divided at the start of the conflict in Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War blasts into cinemas April 27th

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Source: Twitter
By: @andyjmorg

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