Fonzo: First Look At Tom Hardy As Al Capone


Tom Hardy posts a first look image of himself in costume as Al Capone in the Josh Trank directed Fonzo

Since landing his first Oscar nomination for best-supporting actor in 2015’s The Revenant, Tom Hardy’s career has been going from strength to strength in recent times with the 40-year-old actor starring in the Ridley Scott/FX TV series Taboo and appearing in an important role in Christopher Nolan’s latest epic Dunkirk. The first trailer for Sony’s R-rated Spider-Man spin-off,Β Venom, also arrived just last month; the film could be Hardy’s best opportunity at a franchise role yet. Looking slightly further ahead, though, Hardy will be portraying one of the most notorious gangsters in American history, Al Capone, in director Josh Trank’s upcoming film Fonzo.

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Many of Hardy’s fans were slightly disappointed by the Venom trailer, mainly for lacking an actual Venom reveal, but thankfully his Al Capone guise is being shown in full here with Fonzo currently undergoing principal photography.

Hardy shared the photo on his personal Instagram account, showing him as Capone serving time in prison on Alcatraz Island late in his life. Capone lived to be 48 years of age, and here he would be 47; Fonzo will follow the later years of the legendary Prohibition Era crime boss’ life. Hardy captioned the image “Chasing Fonzo” but gave no further details away:

Fonzo doesn’t yet have a set release date and will no doubt be looking to get picked up by a distributor before awards season comes around, given its subject and Hardy’s involvement. The British actor looks as though he will be transforming himself both physically and mentally for the role, if this image is anything to go by, and could well turn in a performance up there with the best of the year.

From the movie’s official description it seems safe to assume that we’ll be getting a number of flashback scenes providing Hardy with the opportunity to portray a younger, more active Capone as well as giving audiences an insight into the famed criminal’s later years in which he had dementia (caused by neurosyphilis).

Hopefully Fonzo will find a distributor upon completion and audiences will be able to witness Hardy take on one of the most iconic roles of his career.

FonzoΒ is yet to receive an official release date

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Source: Tom Hardy/Instagram
By: @andyjmorg

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