Scott Eastwood Very Interested In Playing Wolverine


Scott Eastwood expresses his interest in taking over the vacant Wolverine role following Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of the character in Logan

With Logan having recently become one of the very few comic book movies to receive an Academy Award nomination, thoughts as to the future of the Wolverine character begin to circle once again following Hugh Jackman’s final heroic performance in his most-loved role. Actors from Tom Hardy to Charlie Hunnam have been put forward by fans to fill Logan’s worn old boots, so to speak, but it seems one of the men on said ‘fan casting list’ .. Star Scott Eastwood, is very much interested in taking on the part.

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Jackman’s Wolverine became a (if not the) central figure of the Bryan Singer-born X-Men franchise and if it were not for the Australian actor’s ability to bring the iconic Marvel character to life the ongoing film series may not have lasted as long as it’s been able to, with yet another X-Men title, Dark Phoenix, heading to the big screen this summer. Audiences walked with Logan on his journey through both the good times and the painfully bad times, seeing the extent of his loss as he wandered through the years cursed to go on living while others around him fell. If a new actor is to take on the role then a big part of their job will be to convey to moviegoers the level of world-weariness that Logan has simply through their performance alone, as it’s unlikely that we’ll get a full on origin story/explanation of backstory for the character again (seeing as we’ve already had that done twice now).

Of course, it’s also possible that a new Wolverine will be interacting with the MCU‘s heroes – that is if the deal between Disney and Fox goes through – which could provide the fresh start that the character would need if Marvel opts to reboot the X-Men franchise to work it into their Marvel world.

With that, Screen Rant recently spoke with Scott Eastwood and brought up the currently vacant Wolverine role, asking the 34-year-old his thoughts on the adamantium-clad mutant:

“I love Wolverine. He’s one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. He’s a renegade. Total badass renegade. He’s kind of, you know, a loose cannon…doesn’t play by the rules…he’s the kind of character that I love”.

Eastwood certainly has the rugged good looks and acting style to pull off the Marvel Comics beserker, and no doubt he would find inspiration from his Father’s western roles in preparing for the part – specially with the direction the character was taken in with Logan. It’s clear audiences would like to see more of that down-beaten, world-weary Wolverine and although a new iteration of the character should have somewhat of a fresh start, retaining that element that was done so well in the Jackman era is pretty much essential to the character.

Later in the interview, Eastwood was flat out asked if he would want to play Wolverine given the opportunity to which he replied “100%”. Eastwood has begun to pop up in an increasing number of big film titles, from appearing in the DCEU‘s Suicide Squad to riding alongside the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in Fast and Furious 8, and with the public seeing him in more and more, and for the most part liking what he adds to the movies he’s in, he may very well be the right pick for Wolverine with Fox (or Marvel if the Fox deal does go through) having both shown willingness to take smaller stars and cast them in a big, career defining roles.

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