Another Leaked Shazam! Set Photo Provides Best Look Yet At Zac Levi In Costume


A new snapshot of Zachary Levi on set in full Shazam!/Captain Marvel costume appears online providing the best look at the suit yet

Production on DC’s Shazam! is fully underway with the film’s central star Zachary Levi (Captain Marvel/Shazam!) currently filming on set in Toronto. The first leaked set photo made its way online last week showing a sideshot of Levi in full red and white costume. Overall, fan reaction to the image has been positive and from what was visible in the shot the outfit seems very faithful to the character’s comic book look. Upon release, there was much speculation as to whether or not the photo was genuinely showing Levi on set or just anybody dressed up in a Captain Marvel costume. Well, it now seems we can be more certain that the image is indeed from the film’s set with the release of yet another leaked photo, featuring the actor’s face, in the full superhero get-up.

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With DC having now fully established its central group of Justice League heroes within the DCEU, Shazam! Is finally getting its chance to see the light of day, having been shelved since its initial announcement back in 2014. The project may very well be what the franchise needs after its overall disappointing, though not completely disastrous, handling of its better known characters, with Shazam! Providing filmmaker David F. Sandburg with the opportunity to create something fresh while still retaining the key elements of the Captain Marvel mythos.

With that, the latest glimpse of the Captain’s costume confirms more clearly that his look in the movie will be very much in keeping with his typical appearance on the printed page, perhaps with some nods to the popular Injustice video game series.

While the photo still doesn’t quite give us a full look at the Shazam! costume, it brings to light the big shiny golden lightning bolt on the chest, seen commonly in most depictions of the character, along with the strikingly bold red colour the costume designers have settled on. It seems DC will be pulling no punches with Captain Marvel, having altered some its other heroes’ attire to fit with Zack Snyder’s original real-world vision for the franchise. Of course, this latest costume design seems fitting given the way that the DCEU did a little rebranding in Justice League with a noticeably lighter tone and a focus on making its heroes hopeful and inspiring, reflected in details such as Superman’s vibrant suit update; a much more colourful showing than in the character’s previous outings. Just going by the costume, Shazam! may very well be the DCEU‘s most fun and hope-inspiring title yet.

Shazam! flies into theatres April 5th, 2019

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Source: DC Comics United
By: @andyjmorg

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