Danny Boyle Helping To Develop ‘Bond 25’ Script


T2 Trainspotting filmmaker Danny Boyle is the new frontrunner to helm the next Bond film and is currently working on a new script for the movie

Following a prelonged period of uncertainty it now seems that the Bond franchise is ready to to make a comeback, and most likely a final hurrah for Daniel Craig’s iteration of the character. The release of the most recent title in the series, Spectre, was met with a lukewarm reception from both critics and audiences alike and couldn’t quite live up to highs of its much-loved predecessors Casino Royale and Skyfall (Quantum of Solace being considered a disappointment for many also). Compounding the reaction to Spectre, Craig himself didn’t seem all that eager to return to the part part citing at the time that filming it was a bit of a gruelling task for the then 47-year-old actor. However, Craig has since changed his tune and it was announced late last year that he would indeed be starring in the next movie whenever that would be. 007’s distribution rights also went up for grabs shortly after Spectre, and director Sam Mendes left the series upon completing his second Bond film. So, a lot’s been going on really.

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MGM already has a script for Bond 25, put together by the team responsible for the last three instalments, but it looks as though the studio wants to explore further options as is evidenced by the appointment of Trainspotting writer John Hodges. It was recently publicised that the Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire filmmaker himself Danny Boyle is the frontrunner to helm the next Bond movie after MGM’s failed attempts to court directors such as Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve, although Boyle’s biggest interests may lie in other projects so nothing’s guaranteed just yet.

Coming by way of Deadline, it’s now been confirmed that Boyle is already working on Bond 25, albeit in more of an story creating role, working alongside Hodges to piece together the new script that, if approved, will go on to serve as the basis for a Boyle directed Bond film. As mentioned earlier, however, Hodges’ script will be one of two that the studio has to choose from and at this point there’s no way of knowing how MGM will choose to play its hand, but the surely the benefits of having a big-name director in Boyle will only help matters.

The Boyle-Hodges partnership has without doubt been an all-important factor in the success of both the Trainspotting films – T2 Trainspotting being a very worthy successor to the first one –  and other titles such as The Beach and Trance. What may very well be a key factor in Boyle’s decision to take on the project is that this will likely be Craig’s final appearance as 007 and thus the story will be a one-off title as opposed to another ongoing series of films, something Boyle would not be likely to go for.

All to do now is wait to see if the new script is received well.

Bond 25 does not yet have an official release date

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Source: Deadline
By: @andyjmorg

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