‘Black Panther’ Passes $500 Million At The Worldwide Box Office


As Black Panther continues its incredible opening theatrical run it draws closer to breaking some previously unimaginable records

Black Panther continues to make headlines into its second week of release following a record breaking first week that saw it replace Deadpool as the highest opening weekend box office holder with an incredible $201 million domestic (U.S.) haul. By comparison, the Ryan Coogler directed film soon went on to make more money in five days than Warner Bros.’ Justice League made in its six-week theatrical run on home soil, a feat that puts the MCU and DCEU in all the more stark contrast from one another. Marvel’s tried and tested winning formula has proven itself again and as Black Panther‘s success follows it through further into its cinematic run it’s even sparking debate as to whether it could best the studio’s upcoming mega-movie Avengers: Infinity War in some areas.

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Starring Chadwick Boseman, who made his debut as T’Challa/Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War, the movie transports audiences to the character’s homeland of Wakanda, a place surrounded in myth and legend as first alluded by Andy Serkis’ Claw in Black Panther’s first trailer. The Eastern African nation boasts the world’s most advanced technology along with the largest known deposits of Vibranium – the material Captain America’s shield is made from. Wakanda’s limits are protected by the Black Panther who uses his skills to defend her from outside interests and threats, which seem to be becoming all the more more prevalent with the Marvel film world becoming increasingly populated with superpowered beings.

The new MCU movie has now officially launched passed yet another record becoming Marvel’s highest Wednesday earning with $14.5 million surpassing The Avengers (2012) (at $13.6 million), according to stats published by Exhibitor Relations. The news comes just as Black Panther is poised to hit the $500 million worldwide mark, heading into Friday with $491 million.


The film had already beaten out Avengers on Tuesday as well continuing to chip away after its impressive long-weekend numbers – with Monday having been Presidents Day. The only big remaining milestones Panther has left to smash are in the all-time highest grossing film rankings, which seems a little too unrealistic even with the start that its had. In order for the film to become the highest grossing MCU title it would have to best The Avengers‘ $1.5 billion, but it does seem very possible that it could crack a billion when all’s said and done which would at least rank it among the studio’s top five highest earners, sitting above Spider-Man: Homecoming.

It’s also important to remember that Black Panther hasn’t even opened in China or Japan yet, two major markets for the film to potentially to well in, and so at this stage it’s going to be interesting to see if the film can get the next big surge it would need to reach the highs of some of Marvel’s biggest films. It would be a significant shift in the trend that has seen Tony Stark/Iron Man be the main catalyst for all MCU‘s heavy hitters and perhaps a well-timed big win with the studio promising changes in the shape of the franchise which could see Black Panther himself become something of a leading figure.

Black Panther is playing in cinemas now

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Source: Exhibitor Relations
By: @andyjmorg

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