‘Aquaman’ Early Test Screening Receives Positive Reception


The first reactions to an early cut of Aquaman are in and it looks as though the upcoming DCEU film is off to a positive start

With the DCEU in need of another positive outing, following its disappointing recent effort Justice League, the James Wan directed Aquaman film is on its way in December and provides Warner Bros. with a fine opportunity to produce what could be a very unique comic book title. Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry/Aquaman made his debut in Justice League and while we didn’t get too much from the character in the team-up movie his solo feature gives the fish-talker (or not) the space to really show off what he’s all about, not to mention more of his estranged underwater homeworld  of Atlantis.

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Both Momoa and Amber Heard (Mera) appeared in JL giving general audiences a sample of what they could expect to see more of in Aquaman. Wan himself has already made clear, however, that the underwater scenes in his film will be quite different from the Snyder-Whedon team-up movie at least in terms of the way the Atlantians would communicate with each other; with no speech bubbles that is. Generally speaking, Aquaman doesn’t seem to have been hit by the same relentless waves of negative headlines like its fellow DC projects, (not yet anyway) having had a fairly smooth production as far as we know. The one thing the movie could do with, though, is a trailer, as the wider public will need to see something in order to have the kind of confidence to head out and see Momoa and co. following the relatively poor turnout for Justice League.

The first big benefit for Aquaman may have just made itself known as a very early test screening for the movie was recently held at the Warners’ studio lot, and although there hasn’t been too much said about the footage (with the viewers sworn to secrecy) Batman-News has been able to get hold of some general comments about what was shown:

While the Tweet doesn’t give much in the way of details the fact that the response so far is positive is certainly a good starting point for the upcoming title.

Aquaman swims into theatres December 21st.

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Source: Batman-News
By: @andyjmorg

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