‘Ready Player One’ Trailer: Enter The OASIS


Warner Bros. releases a new trailer for legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One featuring a whole host of iconic characters

With Steven Spielberg’s upcoming epic Ready Player One now just over five weeks away from release, Warner Bros. has pulled the trigger on the film’s second full-length trailer, following the first that hit the web during last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, Ready Player One brings the virtual world to life through the eyes of Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) who dons an incredibly immersive VR-like headset that places him in the familiar environments of some of the world’s favourite pop culture characters – including many of Spielberg’s own creations.

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Written by the author of the novel himself, Ernest Kline, along with Zak Penn, the film revolves around the virtual OASIS that was created by the wealthy genius James Halliday (Mark Rylance). With the world on the verge of total anarchy, the OASIS quickly becomes a popular way for people to escape from it. When Halliday then passes away however, he leaves behind a fortune buried inside the OASIS itself, and, with so many living in desperation, a global race to find said fortune gets underway. Trailer park resident Wade Watts enters the game world for precisely that reason but finds himself lost in a breathtaking landscape of incredible characters to interact with.

While Watts is the movie’s central character, the latest trailer spends more time displaying the wonders of the OASIS itself, which is nothing to complain about, although we do get to see a little more of Watts’ arc from an unknown young guy to the hero of the virtual space by the end of the film. Spielberg’s vivid imagination looks as though its serving him well in Ready Player One as the VR scenes really pop with colour and have that typical magical feel as the veteran filmmaker is so well known for:

Official Trailer:

The trailer seems to have arrived at the perfect time, given that the film is now just over a month out, and opens up its intriguing setting that is certainly very memorable and may very well be the winning factor in whether or not a large chunk of the general public go out and see the film upon its release.

Ready Player One launches in cinemas March 29th.

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Source: Warner Bros.
By: @andyjmorg

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