‘Justice League’ After-Credits Scenes Released Online


Both of Justice League’s after-credits scenes have made their way online for public viewing shortly before the film’s Digital HD release.

The latest DCEU film, Justice League, will make its way to Digital HD in March, much to the excitement of fans, amid a steady slew of interesting revelations about the Snyder-Whedon movie. Recent reports have indicated that Zack Snyder’s exit may have been on the cards even before his supposed departure from the project due to family tragedy in May of last year – a scenario that only seems all the more likely given Joss Whedon’s recruitment by Warner Bros. to helm a Batgirl solo film that we haven’t heard anything about since its announcement. Anyhow, Whedon finished Justice League (finished it as best he could in the allotted time that is) and the final product was not as successful as a DC superhero team-up movie should have been; JL garnered mixed response from critics and fans, hardly a first for the DCEU, and failed to meet Warners’ box office expectations finishing its theatrical run with an underwhelming $614.7 million worldwide from an estimated $300 million budget.

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Snyder’s fans have been petitioning for a long time now for WB to show a Snyder Cut of the film with its digital/home release, but it doesn’t seem as though the studio is willing to do so. In reality, it’s not fully known whether or not such a version of the movie exists, and even if it does reports on Justice League‘s initial in-house screening at Warner Bros. claimed that its early cut was apparently “unwatchable” at the time, so it probably isn’t in the troubled studio’s interests to release it to the public.

There were, of course, many redeeming factors for Justice League. The movie’s focus on bringing together a team with a family-like dynamic certainly made it feel like less of a large pill to swallow than Batman v Superman with its dark, and at times depressing, tone. There’s a real emphasis of bright, hopeful optimism in Justice which seems to suit DC’s heroes more aptly ,particularly by the time the refreshed Superman character makes his entrance (awkward CGI chin and all). Some of the film’s biggest highlights, though, were its after credits scenes the first of which (being the shown mid-credits) pits Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel against Ezra Miller’s youthful Flash:

It’s understood that the superspeed race was in fact a fun little scene added in with Whedon’s reshoots, perhaps Warner’s, or Whedon himself, thought that it ended the movie on the lighthearted note that it needed. Regardless, seeing the two Leaguers ready to go head to head in a superhuman sprint was sure to put a smile on the face of DC Comics fans who have seen Supes and Flash test the limits of their speed in the pages of the comic books.

A final, post-credits, scene was also included at the close of the film featuring a returning, and rather free-from-prison, Lex Luthor now sporting the classic bald look with a shiny, sharp suit. Approaching the cunning billionaire is none other than Joe Manganiello’s Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, a character many fans know to be a relentless mercenary with a skill set not too dissimilar from the likes of Batman:

Despite Justice League’s shortcomings, it seems that WB is still planning to continue moving forward with its current DCEU projects and so at this point the appearance of Maganiello’s Deathstroke indicates that we will likely be seeing him in an upcoming title – possibly still in the Matt Reeves Batman movie.

Justice League flies home to Digital HD and Blu-ray March 12th.

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Source: filmic Box 1, 2
By: @andyjmorg


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