‘Venom’ Trailer: Tom Hardy Becomes Something Else


The first teaser trailer for the Tom Hardy-led Venom movie is released showcasing the actor’s performance as Eddie Brock

Since it’s announcement last year, the Tom Hardy-led Venom project has had many film fans scratching their heads as to what the Spider-Man spin-off will look like. Following the growing success of R(15/18)-rated comic book movies in recent years, including that of Deadpool and Logan, Sony is clearly looking to capitalise here and Venom is exactly the sort of dark character (creature) that would benefit from the grittier treatment. Given that Tom Holland’s new MCU-linked Spider-Man has now all but won over the hearts of moviegoers old and young, the studio would be wise to begin expanding its Spidey world with a view to building a bold new franchise of its own, having failed to do so on the previous two attempts.

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Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock/Venom, alongside Michelle Williams’ Anne Weying (She-Venom), Riz Ahmed’s Dr. Carlton Drake, Scott Haze’s Roland Treece, Jenny Slate’s Dora Skirth and Woody Harrelson whose role is yet to be revealed, although some are speculating he could be playing Carnage.

At this stage, we don’t yet know whether Venom will in fact connect to Spider-Man and the MCU in any way, although it would seem strange for it not to. The only factor that casts doubt on a potential link to Marvel Studios’ gargantuan franchise is its aforementioned R-rating which Marvel, being a Disney owned studio, hasn’t shown willingness to explore just yet.

Venom‘s first teaser trailer has now been unveiled and while we don’t see any Venom itself in the footage we do get a feel for the general tone of the movie, with the vast majority showcasing Hardy’s performance as Brock:

Official Description & Trailer:

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.

Though we don’t see Brock becoming Venom directly, the final shot of the trailer shows what looks to be a transformation scene with him being taken over by the alien symbiote. There is also mention of an accident which could either refer to Brock being infected by the symbiote, or the fact that we see what appears to be a crashed spaceship, which – if true – indicates how the extraterrestrial black goop finds its way to Earth. Glimpses at Williams as Anne Weying and Ahmed as Carlton Drake are provided, plus some scenes at a science lab suggesting that the researchers are studying both the symbiote and Brock himself.

While some will be disappointed that the trailer holds back any Venom scenes, what it does well is serve as a tease for the movie’s Logan-inspired, less comic booky approach. It seems that superhero films are moving in a direction which takes the more grounded human characters and places them within the spy/action/western genres, and the more alien, superhuman ones and puts them in sci-fi worlds. That may very well be what allows the dominance of comic book movies to continue, in the same way it did for the comics that inspired them – Venom being no exception.

Venom tears its way into cinemas October 5th

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Source: Sony
By: @andyjmorg

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