Constantine Joins The ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ In Midseason Premiere Tease

Matt Ryan’s Constantine joins DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in a new midseason premiere trailer

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are going through a bit of a crisis point a the moment, with the show’s midseason finale killing off Martin Stein, to the disbelief of many fans, who was potentially about to leave the Waverider to get home to his family. Crisis on Earth-X saw the Arrowverse heroes, including The Flash, Supergirl, Green Arrow and many others come into contact with their Nazi Earth-X counterparts who, needless to say, weren’t  being very friendly. During a heated battle, Stein was killed by a Nazi whilst trying to protect Jax, who survived but later decided to leave the Waverider himself due to grief. Now finding themselves a couple of members down, the Legends have welcomed two newcomers in the form of Leo, Leonard Snart’s Earth-X equivalent, and John Constantine.

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Matt Ryan’s John Constantine only received one season before he got the axe, but thanks to the fans that did watch the series enough outcry was heard for the character to show up again in an episode of Arrow, which also confirmed the character’s existence in the Arrowverse itself. Constantine never explicitly stated that the events of the show were taking place in the same universe as Arrow, choosing to focus mainly on the character and his world of angels and demons, but no doubt a connection could have been made in later seasons if the series had continued. Showing up alongside Green Arrow, however, allowed the character to go on and indicated that he could make further appearances across The CW’s connected universe.

In the closing moments of the midseason finale. Sara was greeted by Constantine who was waiting for her on the Waverider. John brought with him the news that a girl had been possessed by a demon who knows Sara’s name, and that he would need her help in order to sort the situation out. While The Legends don’t return to our screens until February next year, The CW has already gone ahead and released a midseason premiere trailer which places Constantine front and centre:

Crisis on Earth X has left the team bruised and so having the magic maestro around will surely give the Legends a much needed boost, as well as providing new ground for the coming episode/s to explore.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns for its midseason premiere on The CW (Sky, UK) February, 2018.

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Source: The Cw
By: @andyjmorgan2

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