‘Aquaman’ Movie: Jason Momoa Is A ‘Totally Different Beast’ In First Look Image


The first image from the Aquaman movie is released revealing much more about Jason Momoa’s King of Atlantis than was seen in Justice League

Following his introduction in the recently released Justice League, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will be riding the waves in his first solo film in 2018. The Warner Bros./DC upcoming title will explore the seafarer’s back-story as the man of two worlds – Earth and Atlantis. Much of Arthur Curry’s story was left out of the final cut of Justice League, and his dislike of Atlantis, along with the inability to choose which world he belongs to, was left largely unexplained in the movie. With his own film now just over a year from release, we are beginning to find out more about director James Wan’s take on the soon-to-be King of Atlantis.

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Aquaman sees Momoa reprising his role alongside Amber Heard as Mera, with the two being joined by Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna, Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko (whose scenes were removed from the final cut of Justice League), Patrick Wilson as Orm, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus and Temuera Morrison as Thomas Curry. Many of these characters will be new for general audiences and James Wan will be aiming to etch the Atlantian mythology to memory, while hopefully bringing the DCEU back to the highs of Wonder Woman following JL‘s divisive reception and poor box office performance.

Speaking with EW, Momoa took the opportunity to explain that Aquaman will feature a few key differences from Justice League, saying that the movie, “is a totally different beast”. EW also featured the first image from the film, shown below:

“Justice League was only a weekend in Arthur Curry’s life. This is a totally different beast. In Aquaman, you see when his parents met and what happened to them. Then the little boy being raised and finding his powers and going through that and never being accepted on either side. And then becoming this man who puts up all these walls. You just slowly see this man harden up and be completely reluctant wanting to be king and not knowing what to do with these powers he has”.


Arthur Curry was mostly shown to be a heavy-drinking man’s man in his first appearance, but it sounds as though we’ll be getting an AC with more depth and explored emotion with his solo outing.

Wan also sat down with EW, speaking about his version of the underwater world and the stylistic changes his film will have versus Zack Snyder’s take:

“It’s going to look very different, it will feel very different — aesthetically, tonally, story-wise — it’s my own take. It’s a much more a traditional action-adventure quest movie”.

Aquaman surfs into cinemas December 21st, 2018.

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Source: EW
By: @andyjmorgan2

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