‘Justice League’ VFX Artist Explains The Situation With Henry Cavill’s Moustache


A visual effects artist who worked on the recently released Justice League explains the difficulties his team faced trying to cover over Henry Cavill’s facial hair in the film’s reshoot scenes

Justice League has been on the receiving end of some valid criticism following its release last weekend. The latest DC Film title brings together the central heroes of DC Comics including Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash, but it’s the movie’s revived Superman that has been causing the most fuss. While many fans have spoken well of the way that this new, reborn Superman is portrayed, possessing many of the inspiring leadership qualities that have made the character so popular, there’s just something a little off about his appearance in some scenes, particularly in his upper-lip area.

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Henry Cavill was about to shoot scenes in Mission: Impossible 6 when he was asked to come back to work on Justice League‘s reshoots, overseen by Avengers director Joss Whedon. The issue was that Cavill had had to grow a moustache for his role in the Tom Cruise-led franchise that clashed with his look for Clark Kent/Superman in JL.

According to one of the film’s visual effects artists, who has chosen to keep his identity private, Paramount Pictures would not allow for Warner Bros. to get Cavill to shave off his facial hair for the additional shots needed with Justice League. Writing in a Reddit AMA, the artist spoke about the original offer Warners made to Paramount regarding the issue:

“Paramount should’ve shaved him and stuck a fake one on for M:I 6. Ridiculously petty of them. We did tests on already shot footage of Superman to add beards as well, to show the M:I 6 team at Paramount it was loads easier. Warner Bros. offered to pay for all the beard adding shots in M:I 6, they said no”.

The artist was then asked for his opinion on the film’s opening shot, in which Cavill’s top lip is very obviously blurred over, and enlightened Reddit users that that particular shot had actually been worked on by another studio,”I’m not sure which other studio did that opening shot on the cell phone, but it’s dreadful”. 

The anonymous artist then went on to talk about his feelings regarding the visual effects in the movie’s reshoot scenes, citing that time constraints played a major role in some of Justice League’s noticeably sub-par CGI moments:

“If you give us ridiculously hard shots to do four months before the film comes out, they’re not gonna be the best they could be”.

Justice League continues to divide opinion into its second week of release, and the film’s varied visual effects haven’t helped it to win over the majority that WB was hoping for. At the same time, the movie’s bigger issues go beyond just its CGI problems with many critics pointing the finger at its weak villain and baffling story. That said, what good JL has to offer is embodied by its heroes whose assembly in the eyes of many proves strong enough to counter the weight of its demons.

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Source: Reddit
By: @andyjmorgan2

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