Get Close Up With ‘Justice League’s’ Ares, Artemis & Zeus In Set Photo


Justice League’s flashback battle sequence is arguably one of the best scenes in the movie, but are the Old Gods actually present in it or not?

(This Article Contains Spoilers)

The theatrical release of Justice League has left fans with much to discuss, but perhaps one of the most intriguing inclusions in Zack Snyder’s latest DC film is the reveal of the Old Gods (our Greek Gods) in the, unofficially named, DCEU. In one of the film’s scenes, Wonder Woman begins to explain an event that took place long ago that saw a huge army unite against Steppenwolf and his forces. Amazons, Atlantians, Green Lanterns and the Old Gods can all be seen fighting alongside one another, in conjunction with Diana’s voiceover, during the epic flashback sequence. While many fans were able to deduce that a few of the characters appearing on screen were Old Gods, until now it wasn’t explicitly shown or stated which of the powerful ancients they actually were.

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The Old Gods were first referenced in the Wonder Woman film where a similar explanatory scene was used to bring general audiences up to speed with Diana’s origin. An illustration depicted the story of the death of these Gods at the hand of Ares, the god of war, who remained the sole survivor. Of course, Wonder Woman was able to defeat Ares during the course of the movie, which we understand was DC’s way of drawing a land in the sand to make clear that the Old Gods are no longer around. Naturally however, the interesting lore of these all-powerful beings presented Snyder with the opportunity to feature them in the Justice League flashback scene to show off their abilities.

A featurette for JL was recently released, titled Justice League: The Art of the Film, in which the official identities of the three Old Gods shown in the movie were confirmed, and user @LiveLoveLupe took to Twitter to upload an image from the feature to give us a clear look at Zeus, Artemis and Ares:

The Greek Gods clearly needed to live up to the legend in Snyder’s mind and so the performers playing them has to be too. Fitness model Sergi Constance portrays Zeus, who was made to appear a good 5 feet taller than everyone else in the scene, Artemis is played by personal trainer Aurore Lauzeral, but as for Ares the identity of the actor for that role remains a mystery at this point. David Thewlis, who took on the role of Ares in Wonder Woman, apparently had his face CG’d over the unknown actor embodying the God of War in Justice League, for continuity’s sake. Anyhow, the three Old Gods were well, and truly, represented here.

See Justice League in cinemas now.

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Source: @LiveLoveLupe
By: @andyjmorgan2

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