‘Justice League’ Poster Shows DCEU Heroes Killing Marvel Characters


A violent unofficial poster for Justice League finds its way into China’s official promotion from Warner Bros.’ latest comic book film.

Justice League opened in theatres this past weekend and despite all of the hype and attention the film received, it only managed to take in $94 million domestically, an all-time low for the DCEU. The film brings together some of DC Comics’ finest with Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman recruiting Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg to put together a team capable of stopping the incoming threat of Steppenwolf and the armies of Apokolips.

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Zack Snyder’s latest crack at undertaking the challenging task of bringing beloved characters to life on the big-screen sought to establish the League as a fun, friendly, family-oriented group of characters and it seems, for the most part, that critics and audiences agree. What has led the film to earn a mixed reception, particularly taking into account the 40% Rotten Tomatoes score, is its pacing and its villain, who is being compared to a typical Marvel foe (not much in the way of character development or a sense of any real threat).

Some good news for Warner Bros., however, is that the movie has performed well Internationally having made $185 million back, with the largest chunk of the ticket sales coming from China, where it took $51.8 million. China is becoming increasingly large market for Hollywood productions, and judging by a new report from Comic Book it may be to do with the way, in this case Justice League, is being promoted. A Photoshopped version (via Twitter user Marvelous Realm) of the standard poster for the film depicting the League members standing over slain Marvel heroes is reportedly being used in an official manner to market JL in China, which you can see for yourself below:

The poster depicts The Flash with one foot on Captain America’s head, Wonder Woman’s sword impaling Wolverine, Batman clutching Thor’s disembodied head, Deadpool impaled on Aquaman’s trident and the severed limb, and also potential the head, of Iron Man. According to Comic Book, the poster has actually appeared in a number of Chinese cinemas and is being used on video hosting site iQiyi as the ticketing app for the countries biggest theatre chain Wanda Cinema.

If the report is right, then clearly Warner Bros. has another issue on its hands in dealing with the, what are in reality, unofficial posters for Justice League. At this point, the studio has not made any statements on the matter.

Whether or not the Marvel vs. DC angle the Photoshopped poster has going for it has in any way contributed to Justice League‘s success in China is not known, but if there were anything to that then it only strengthens the potential global success of a Marvel/DC crossover at some point in the future.

Justice League is showing in cinemas now.

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Sources: Marvelous Realm  , Express via Comic Book
By: @andyjmorgan2

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