5 New ‘Justice League’ Clips Released: Meeting Steppenwolf & Uniting The League


New clips from Warner Bros.’ upcoming superhero team-up film Justice League are released online.

With Justice League now less than two weeks from its cinematic opening, Warner Bros. has not been slacking off the promotional work for the already highly anticipated film. We’ve recently being seeing a swathe of new images, teasers and short-length trailers with each giving away just a little bit more in the way of the movie’s story and characters. Up until this point, though, we’ve yet to have a good solid look at Justice League‘s villain Steppenwolf, other than a handful of quick passing shots peppered through a couple of trailers. Now it seems the studio is ready to show of more of the Apokoliptian military leader in action, among other things.

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With the movie’s cast, including Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot and the Batman, Ben Affleck, currently moving from country to country to attend the many red carpets and press junkets that a movie of this size entails, Warners has timed the release of a selection of new clips from the superhero team-up film to perfection as hype for the movie hits an all-time high. The studio has taken the opportunity to show off some stellar footage, and although for some it maybe showing its hand to much, but there’s no question that those still on the fence about DCEU movies at this point could be persuaded from what’s on display here, courtesy of Comic Book.

The first clip, Steppenwolf Attack, places us in the middle of a League offensive against big bad Steppenwolf with team members swooping in to do some damage to the Apokoliptian while also trying to prevent collateral from the ongoing battle at the same time. What’s perhaps most impressive here is the cohesion and fluidity of the scene as each Leaguer is given their own time to shine while also retaining a sense of teamwork, almost reminiscent of the action scenes from Avengers movies, which is apparently what Synder was always going for:

Secondly, Bruce Wayne speaks with Alfred (Jeremy Irons) aboard what looks like his private plane, in We Need Superman, discussing the Man of Steel and struggles of organising a superhuman team. We get to see one of the rare moments where we’re reminded of Batman’s humanity as the only one on the roster who doesn’t possess super powers:

In the next clip, Jim Gordon Meets Team, we get to see the full finished GCPD rooftop scene where J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon meets with the Leaguers to discuss a plan of action for the impending attack. The dynamic between Gordon and the Caped Crusader reflects their longstanding relationship, as Affleck’s Batman has been active for a number of years, but also sees the rest of the team interact with the Commissioner, which is not something that’s seen too often in the comics:

Gal Gadot prevents a bomb going off in the Wonder Woman Rescue clip, which showcases the Amazonian hero saving the day, moving with speed and strength to take down multiple assailants, who are holding civilians hostage:

Ezra Miller’s The Flash has a moment of doubt in this final clip, with Batman’s leadership skills coming in to play to rally the speedster into action. Under the surface, Batman Inspires Flash serves to show the family-like connections that the teammates have with one another and Batman stepping up to fill the gap where Superman, and the hope he brings, would usually fit:

Justice League is looking every inch the film that Zack Snyder and his team were promising, with these clips highlighting the movie’s focus on teamwork and overcoming adversity. Each character is given their moment within the team-up framework, and communicate with each other effectively. Scenes feel a lot smoother when compared with Batman v Superman, moving forward with purpose and concisely telling the story.

Justice League flies to cinemas November 17th.

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Source: Comic Book
By: @andyjmorgan2

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