‘Justice League’ Cast Excited For Potential DC/Marvel Crossover 


The cast of Justice League discuss DC/Marvel rivalry and the potential for a crossover film involving both universes.

Comic Book companies Marvel and DC have been competitive rivals dominating the comics industry for decades, and with superhero films now at an all-time high demand the companies’ movie studios have both built financial successful on-screen worlds over these past years. With all their classic characters, settings and story-archs comes a lot of fan love and appreciation, but sometimes that affection can turn a little sour, to say the least, and particularly in the online space that has become an increasing concern. So, can the movies serve to help unite people?

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With Warner Bros. and DC gearing up for the near release of their biggest film yet, Justice League, the Super Friends are currently on tour flying from one press junket here to another red carpet there. Justice League will serve as an Avengers-style team-up movie which brings the already-established DC Trinity, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, together with three new, or somewhat new, meta-human characters Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. The League rallies just in time to prevent the incoming threat of DC Comics’ supervillain Darkseid’s top general Steppenwolf, who presumably wishes to conquer Earth on the Lord of Apokolips’ behalf.

In recent round of questioning for the JL team, NewsAsia‘s Genevieve Loh took the opportunity to ask the film’s central cast members about their thoughts on the relationship between Marvel and DC and their respective fans:

While much of the cast do address the question at hand, the big takeaway here is the transition to discussing how both studios co-exist peacefully and in fact help each other to succeed in certain ways. The current popularity of the superhero genre is what has led to such success for the two parties and when each deliver good quality titles the appreciation of the genre as a whole goes up meaning more people are likely to go and see the next big Marvel or DC movie, as apposed to having superhero fatigue where they may choose not to see the next movie at all. In a sense, both studios are doing each other a favour.

What’s also interesting to see from the interview is the that conversation then moves to the potential of future crossovers between the companies, a clashing of worlds that sees DC’s heroes collide with some of the MCU‘s bigger names, such as a Thor vs Aquaman fight that Jason Momoa mentions he’d love to make happen:

“I would love to be [in a crossover,]” Momoa said. “Hell yeah! I mean like, Hemsworth, I love him. It’s like, to be next to Thor, or to be next to the Hulk. It’s like ‘oh, I’m going to take you out on the water and drown your ass.'”

At this point it seems unlikely that a deal like this would be made any time soon, but in a potential future scenario where comic book movies begin to lose their dominant hold over the box office the two companies may be motivated enough to join forces for cinemas largest ever ‘Vs’ event film.

Justice League hits cinemas November 17th.

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Source: NewsAsia
By: @andyjmorgan2

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