‘X-23’ Script Being Worked On By ‘Logan’ Director


Logan director James Mangold says that a script for the X-23 spin-off movie is currently in development.

When Wolverine threequel Logan tore onto cinema screens back in March this year critics and moviegoers the world over were captivated by director James Mangold’s vision for Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as the character. Currently standing at a 93% on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, the film took the much-loved Logan and placed him in a future dystopian setting where mutants were all but gone and survival was all that mattered. A comicbook movie disguised as a western, Logan stripped away the trademark franchising frills in favour of a more rugged independent film feel and needless to say it worked a charm. While many of the movie’s acting performances were top notch, it was newcomer Dafne Keene (X-23/Laura) who became the big talking point for many fans of Logan, and whether she we would be seeing her return to the role in future.

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With Logan now having been out of the spotlight for some months, it now looks as though the film will be back on our lips at the end of the year as 20th Century Fox has sent out test screeners to Oscar voters in the hopes of a nomination, and a potential win, at the upcoming awards ceremony. Of course, Logan‘s reentry into the forefront of conversation is also bringing back the discussion of who will take over the cigar-smoking role from Jackman in the near future. While the part is likely to be cast, however, it seems as though Mangold himself has other plans as to the direction of the Wolverine franchise.

In talks with THR about the movie’s Academy Awards push, Mangold was given the opportunity to comment on the X-23 spin-off project, revealing that the team are “Just working on a script”. The filmmaker kept it at that providing no further details, which is understandable given that the film is at a very early stage. Although this is the only news we’ve heard about the film to this point, fans of Laura’s character can be encouraged by the fact that X-23 is definitely in the works and with Mangold continuing on, at least with the writing, the young clawed berserker’s story is in the best possible hands.

Whether the tone and overall feel of Logan will carry through in Laura’s adventures is yet to be seen, though it is likely that that would be the case given the resounding success that Logan had with the public. Presumably, the sequel would revolve around her and her fellow escaped test subjects trying to hide from their captors, and also begin to build a life for themselves somewhere – perhaps training each other and reaching out to find out if any other mutants are still out there.

The legacy of Jackman’s Wolverine will carry through with X-23 and it will be interesting to see where Mangold and co. take the story next.

X-23 is yet to receive an official title & release date.

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Source: THR
By: @andyjmorgan2

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