Channing Tatum ‘Gambit’ Movie To Be A Crime/Heist Film


The Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum is reported to be a crime/heist film, inkeeping with the history of the character.

20th Century Fox’s planned Gambit movie has been in an unending on again/off again phase for a few years now and to many has seemed as though the film would never actually see the light of day. The studio’s continued flirtation with the idea, though, has seen it land big-name actor Channing Tatum who is surely keen to take the part on with the hopes of developing another successful ongoing franchise to put his name to. Tatum teased that the movie’s script was being rewritten a few months back and last week reports suggested that Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Gore Verbrinski be taking the director’s chair, so things seem to be slowly ramping up..

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Gambit/Remy LeBeau, who has been seen on the big screen before in X-Men: Origins Wolverine (played by Emil Kirsch), is a part of Marvel Comics’ X-Men series, with his mutation allowing him to tap into the energy stored within objects and turn it into kinetic energy. In the film world, the character belongs under the banner of Fox’s rights to the X-Men roster and so would presumably be seen alongside the Professor X and his mutant team at some point or another – perhaps a Deadpool appearance would work too.

At this point, it is worth noting that Verbinski’s reported services still haven’t been officially confirmed for the movie, but having said that, with yesterday’s update that Gambit now has a February 2019 release date scheduled it looks as though the project may really be making some ground.

Adding more credibility to that observation, Omega Underground editor Christopher M is now reporting that the film will be a crime/heist picture, which, while not a surprise given the character’s history as a thief, does point to Gambit making more progress of late at the studio.

Gambit is scheduled for a February 14th, 2019 release.

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Source: Christoper M
By: @andyjmorgan2

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