Benedict Cumberbatch Responds To James Bond Rumours


Benedict Cumberbatch responds to a query regarding his involvement with the James Bond franchise.

The James Bond 007 rumour mill has been in full spin the last couple of years, following 2015’s Spectre, which then an understandably tired Daniel Craig commented that he would “Rather slit my wrists” than appear in a fifth instalment. From then on, actors from Idris Elba, to Tom Hiddleston, to Gillian Anderson have all been named by the press and public to take over the role. However, recent talk from the studio indicates that Craig is now very likely to be continuing on in the part for now. Of course, that its very likely to happen is not a 100% confirmation and as such it seems we are still on a mission to name his successor.

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With Craig’s involvement still uncertain, then, industry insiders continue to probe British stars with queries as to whether they have any involvement with the project and now it seems Doctor Strange‘s Benedict Cumberbatch has been popped the question, so to speak. The 41-year-old has taken on many lead and semi-lead roles across several movie franchises including The Hobbit, Star Trek and Marvel’s MCU. Bond presents another big opportunity and the chance for Cumberbatch to take charge of a major film series for himself.

While attending this year’s London Film & Comic Con in promotion of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, Cumberbatch was asked directly if he would play James Bond:

Twitter Post:

While he doesn’t provide a real answer to the question, Cumberbatch’s choice to not comment could indicate some degree of involvement with the Bond franchise, even if its just that he’s had one meeting with the producers. In any case, side stepping the query places Cumberbatch as a potential candidate as far as the media is concerned, and it’s likely that we will see more speculation about this moving forward.

Even if Craig does return for the next instalment, currently known as Bond 25, it’s more than likely that his time in the role is coming to an end, and producers would be wanting to begin the process of finding the next 007 around about now anyway. For now, however, we continue to wait upon the studio for confirmation.

Bond 25 is currently scheduled for a November, 2019 release date.

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Source: Emma Thrower
By: @andyjmorgan2

One thought on “Benedict Cumberbatch Responds To James Bond Rumours

  1. Think of Batman in his black suit. Look in his eyes what color would they be? Now that voice saying I’m Batman & it is Benedict Cumberbatch.


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