‘Justice League’: Best Look Yet At Film’s Villain Steppenwolf

The first action figure of Justice League villain Steppenwolf provides a good look at the character’s appearance in the DCEU.

With Justice League now only four months out, the film is about to enter its final marketing push, beginning with Warner Bros.’ DC film press conference at San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday. The movie recently underwent its scheduled reshoots under the direction of Joss Whedon, following Zack Snyder’s departure, and the final part of the editing process is, or may have even already taken place.

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Following the first big press release for the movie back in  January, we learned a considerable amount about Justice League and the filmmakers’ new approach to DCEU titles moving forward. We also learned that the movie’s villain would be none other than notorious DC Comics big bad Darkseid’s right hand general Steppenwolf, but since the news broke we’ve heard very little since.

Looking at Steppenwolf as depicted in the comics, the character presents a formidable threat to many of Earth’s heroes in his own right. The Apokolyptian’s trademarks and abilities include such things as superhuman strength (think Superman/Wonder Woman level), being an expert tactician and wielding an Electro-axe, a weapon with which he is very experienced. As a military leader, he commands Darkseid’s forces which are based on his hellish homeworld Apokolips.

It seems that Steppenwolf’s appearance in Justice League has finally been revealed through an image posted on Reddit, claiming to be taken from the Comic-Con show floor, shown below:

Steppenwolf’s Justice League look certainly retains much of the character’s appearance in the source material with the horned helmet, battle armour and Electro-axe weapon clutched by the war chief’s side.

The planet Apokolips for the most part is a wasteland where captured and imprisoned natives from each planet that Darkseid conquers are tortured, corrupted and turned into Parademons, which can be seen hovering above Steppenwolf in the above image, to serve the powerful tyrant’s will. Parademons in the DCEU were seen for the first time in the dream sequence of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where Bruce Wayne sees somewhat of a vision of an all too real feeling future – and were the biggest indicator that Darkseid will be the ultimate Thanos-style threat the Justice League face in the years ahead. First, however, they will have to deal will Steppenwolf.

Justice League flies into cinemas Novemeber 16th.

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sources: Reddit
by: @andyjmorgan2

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