The Lowdown: Nightwing Movie Explained

the-lowdown-nightwing-movie-explainedA Nightwing movie is officially in the works at Warner Bros./DC, but who is the black and blue costumed hero and why is he getting his own solo film?

With all the DCEU‘s chopping and changing following the release of Suicide Squad, it’s been a wonder as to why Warner Bros. would continue to announce films so far in advance if its plans are being routinely scrapped due to blind panic and reactionary decision making. However, with director Patty Jenkins’ truly heroic work on Wonder Woman and it’s resultant success, it seems the franchise is taking a turn for the better. The thing is, Batman is arguably the most popular DC Comics character today and ultimately the future success or failure of the DCEU will depend upon the reaction to the character’s solo films – and also that of his Bat family members. The Nightwing film was officially announced in February and the news came with confirmation that Chris McKay (The LEGO Batman Movie) would be helming the project. But who exactly is the black & blue costumed hero?

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It seems pretty safe to assume that the DCEU will go with Dick Grayson’s Nightwing seeing as he is the most common and widely known iteration of the character. Grayson was Batman’s first sidekick, that is the first Robin, who became wildly popular among younger teenage comic book readers when introduced in the 1940s. Born into a life of circus acrobatics with The Flying Grayson’s, Dick was already well trained in the aerial moves needed to keep up alongside Batman. After a number of years spent under the Bat’s cape, Grayson took up a new alter-ego, Nightwing, and became a fully grown adult hero in his own right.

The film’s story is likely to incorporate flashback scenes, much like other DCEU pictures, to provide explanations of Nightwing’s history, specifically his backstory in the DCEU which may differ slightly from the source material. No doubt we’ll get some iconic Golden Age imagery of a young Robin and a slightly younger Batman fighting crime together, right up to the point where Grayson becomes independent from Batman and adopts the Nightwing title. It’s also safe to say that we’ll get to see some scenes with both Nightwing (or Dick Grayson) and Batman (or Bruce Wayne) in the present day and it’ll be interesting to see their dynamic.

the lowdown nightwing movie explained

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

With director Matt Reeves working with Ben Affleck on The Batman, and Joss Whedon signed on to helm Batgirl, while also currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on Justice League, it’s a given that the two filmmakers will be heavily involved with Batman and his associated characters moving forward, and Nightwing will hopefully benefit from their vision and input too. Not to say that McKay isn’t capable of creating a solid movie himself, but it is expected that the world-building and tone set by The Batman will carry over to the film’s of his sidekicks/associated heroes.

Nightwing is yet tom receive an official release date.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros., DC Comics
BY: @andyjmorgan2

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