‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Gameplay Footage Revealed At E3

marvels spider man gameplay footage revealed at e3

Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals a new E3 gameplay trailer for its upcoming video game Marvel’s Spider-Man.

With Spider-Man’s recent film reboot, brought together in a first-time collaboration between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios (seen in Captain America: Civil War), Sony looks to capitalise further upon the characters’ re-introduction. Marvel’s Spider-Man was revealed way back at E3 2016 with a first trailer, but since then things have been a little quiet.  Now, during the company’s E3 Press Conference the game is being placed in full view, although Sony is still keeping the specific release date under wraps.

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The first trailer for the game showed the typical wall-crawling and web-slinging anyone would have expected from a Spider-Man story, but it’s visuals looked amazing with fine detail in Spidey’s costume and a New York setting that felt alive and expansive. For some, however, the footage made the game seem linear, as though it would just be a quick-time event-heavy situation rather than a truly open world experience.

Well, Sony clearly saved the best til last for its 2017 E3 presentation with the Spider-Man game making a big splash (or spin) to end the proceedings. Game developer Insomniac showcased the game in action, and it’s safe to say it made a standout impression. The combat system is fluid and Arkham-like, the game looks as though its open world but has a number of Uncharted-style sections for story flow, quick-time events are used well and keep the player engaged.. the list of positive takeaways from the demo goes on.

Insomniac also seems to have nailed the character of Spider-Man/Peter Parker, not just having him be to a brawler who takes down bad guys, but also a hero who makes an effort to save lives and prevent collateral damage. There’s a quick pacing to the gameplay which works perfectly for the character, with his quick reactions and spider sense. The environment looks highly interactive, allowing players to use objects to their advantage while taking down enemies.

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Spider-Man is set for release in 2018.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment, Sony
By: @andyjmorgan2

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