‘Wonder Woman’ Soars with Record Breaking $100 Million Opening Weekend

File_000 (5)Wonder Woman hits theatres and passes the $100 million mark (Domestic) for its opening weekend, setting a new record for a female director.

There’s no question that the success of Wonder Woman has been exactly what the DCEU needed after its shaky performance last year. Gal Gadot was a standout for many, despite her smaller role, in Batman v Superman, and her first solo film as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman was highly anticipated from then on. After review embargoes for Wonder Woman were lifted, just a day before release, a vast majority of critics roared the film’s praises sending it soaring up to a percentage of 93% on film score aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes – an even better outcome than could have been hoped for.

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The movie presents audiences with a character representing much of what the original comic book heroes of old stood for; truth, justice, peace, hope, and so on; back in a time where good guys were good guys, and bad guys were bad guys. There were no antiheroes (no Deadpools, Wolverines or Lobos) – it was a simpler, more inspiring form of storytelling. Gadot rises to the challenge of carrying such and iconic figure from the safety of her home of Themyscira out to Man’s brutal, conflict-filled World. Alongside her, a pilot by the name of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) helps navigate Diana through this new dangerous place she’s never been to.

Perhaps the best thing about Wonder Woman is its direction, and Patty Jenkins is known for being able to entice great performances from her actors, having helped Charlize Theron land her only Oscar for Monster. The intertwining of Diana’s mythical homeworld (and its Gods), and Man’s world is done elegantly, using the theme of war as a way to bring the two together convincingly.

File_000 (6).jpeg

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

It comes as no surprise then that the film fared well in its first weekend, but not many could have predicted just how well Wonder Woman would go on to perform with the movie soaring up to an impressive $103.2 million domestic, holding off against the likes of Tom Cruise vessel The Mummy, while also taking the title as the highest grossing film by a female director of all time.

Wonder Woman has clearly surpassed all expectations having succeeded on every level, shattering glass ceilings and establishing the character’s place at the forefront of popular culture. The film itself can most definitely be used as a catalyst for positive change in the DCEU going forward.

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Wonder Woman is showing in cinemas now.

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Source: Variety, Warner Bros., Rotten Tomatoes
By: @andyjmorgan2

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