‘Justice League’: Zack Snyder Shares Aquaman Test Footage


Justice League director Zack Snyder shares new test footage giving us a look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in his home of Atlantis.

DC hasn’t had the best of starts to 2017, following reports late last year that The Flash movie had lost its second director in a row, and more recent stirrings that Ben Affleck was casting doubt on the idea that he would be directing The Batman. As of right now, the Affleck fires have been cooled somewhat by the appointment of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves who will see the production through, at least we hope so. Adding to DC’s much needed positive news turnaround, Justice League director Zack Snyder has opted to reveal a snippet of new footage from the upcoming movie, showing none other than Jason Momoa’s fearsome Aquaman/Arthur Curry in his home underwater environment of Atlantis.

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Momoa’s first appearance as the King of Atlantis was a very short scene (on a computer screen) in which we saw him fending off the unwanted attention of humanity sending cameras down into the depths of the sea, and looking pretty vicious in the process. We were then given a more up close and personal look at the character in the first teaser for Justice League which saw Arthur Curry being approached by Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman in an attempt to recruit him to ward off the coming threat, namely the arrival of the film’s villain Steppenwolf (and ultimately Darkseid) on Earth.

Taking to Twitter on his birthday, Snyder shared a very short snippet of footage, which was clearly still in the process of being edited, showing Aquaman in his underwater home. The clip very clearly shows the character’s movements and gives us a look at the aesthetics of Atlantis.

Test Footage:

In the footage, Momoa swims towards someone who is seated in a rather grand manner, this we presume is Willem Dafoe’s Nurdis Vulko, who will be the current leader of the Atlanteans when we first meet them.

It is not yet clear exactly how much Aquaman/Atlantis screen time we’ll get in the finished film, although it’s evident that Snyder wants to showcase his tougher take on the character sufficiently – particularly with a solo outing on the way in the near future.

Justice League flies into theatres November 17th.

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SOURCE: Zack Snyder

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