10 Movies To Look Forward To In 2017


With the new year now upon us, here’s the top 10 films you can be looking forward to over the course of 2017.

(Note that this list is based on UK release dates).

Logan – March 2nd


Hugh Jackman returns for what will be his final portrayal of fan-favourite mutant Wolverine in a solo movie. Logan is set to be a very distinct film from its predecessors, with 20th Century Fox approving an R(18)-rating, following the success of last year’s Deadpool.

The film picks up Logan’s story in a dystopian future setting where the Marvel Comics berserker has begun to lose his healing factor, and faces, for the first time, the very real prospect of old age – and ultimately death. The movies’ first trailer did not feel like a typical superhero/comic book promo at all, instead it had more of a western vibe to it – reinforced by the inclusion of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” playing underneath.

Logan may just be the next film to set the stage for things to come in the near future for the genre as a whole, and there would be no more fitting a way to send off one of the most iconic character-actor pairings of the last two decades.

Next: Kong Skull Island

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