Dwayne Johnson Posts New ‘Jumanji’ Set Photos Online

Dwayne Johnson Posts New Jumanji Set Photos Online

Jumanji star Dwayne Johnson shares new photos from the set of the film showing off some of his action sequences.

Continuing on from the original 1981 children’s book and the 1995 film starring the late Robin Williams, Sony Pictures’ Jumanji sees the board game become a video game, in which those who are transported into its world find that everything is the opposite of what they’re used to in real life. With the new film set to be a more action-packed affair, its lead, Dwayne Johnson, is bringing some of his signature badassery to get blood pumping.

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As Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, Johnson is practically his own corporation these days. Consistently bringing his charismatic charm, mixed in with a little grit to each and every role he appears in, you could argue that he’s the Will Smith of the 2010s decade. Drawing the crowds out to his movies, the 44-year-old will likely do the same for Jumanji which will be key to the film’s success. It seems Johnson has been busier than ever, demonstrated this last week by the release of both the Baywatch and The Fate of the Furious (Fast & Furious 8) first trailers which have been viewed millions of times respectively online. Jumanji then, will only give him even more screen time in 2017.

Johnson took to Instagram to post a few new images from the Jumanji set showing off some of his action scenes in the movie. With everything being the opposite of the real world, Johnson’s character must throw down with some big baddies, larger than his own towering 6’5 ft. frame that is, which is sure to get audiences very excited indeed:

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Been shooting #Jumanji for months now and I've been waiting patiently for this night to come… In the original movie, the world of #Jumanji came to us. Now 20yrs later in our continuation of the story, we go to the amazing and deadly world of #Jumanji. For months we've shot everything.. all the comedy, all the jungle action and all the heart. Finally, tonight – Saturday night – all night – I get to knuckle up with my stunt brothers and I get to beat some ass like a drum. My stunt brother here @taitfletcher is going night night. And when he wakes up, I'll be good as gone cause he can rearrange my face with one punch. Let's get it on boys and have some fun. #OnSet #KnuckleUp #BeatingAssesLikeDrums #BeenWaitingForMonths #StuntBrotherLuv #Jumanji #Tonights4YouAlanParrish💫

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See Jumanji when it lands in theatres December 29th, 2017

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