James Cameron Wants A Glasses-Free 3D Experience For ‘Avatar’ Sequels

image courtesy of @20thCenturyFox

Visionary director James Cameron is pushing for a glasses-free 3D viewing experience for his upcoming Avatar sequels.

Visionary filmmaker James Cameron continues operating in all-out Avatar mode. Ever since the release of the first film Avatar in 2009, the 62-year-old has been working on the follow up, but it’s taken some time, to say the least.

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Last year, the news broke that not only would his team be working on one sequel, but filming, almost back to back, sequels, with a third and fourth film confirmed as being in the works. That’s a lot of work given that the first instalment alone was completed in four years, not to mention the cost involved in such projects. Cameron is known to strive for the highest quality in visuals and his films are certainly something to behold, many would say that Avatar was the Star Wars of it’s day in terms of visual effects.

IndieWire reports that Avatar‘s sequels will raise the bar even higher, with Cameron wanting to create the hands-down best cinema experience once again. The director aims to, “push”, for a range of new screen technologies and is absolutely convinced that he’ll, “get there”:

“I’m going to push. Not only for better tools, workflow, high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rates (HFR) — the things we are working toward. I’m still very bullish on 3D, but we need brighter projection, and ultimately I think it can happen — with no glasses. We’ll get there.”

image courtesy of @20thCenturyFox

While 3D is certainly not everyone’s favourite format, with most regarding it as just a gimmick, a glasses-free (hassle-free) experience could be welcomed by movie-goers. In this case, I think a higher frame rate could also help truly immerse the audience further into the vibrant world of Pandora.

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Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 are yet to receive official release dates.

image courtesy of @20thCenturyFox

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Source: IndieWire

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