‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer

Wonder Woman image courtesy of @WarnerBros.

Warner Bros. has released a new full-length trailer for Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot won many people over with her performance as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although she didn’t have a huge role, audiences took to Diana well, praising her strength, and loving to see her battling hard alongside the boys. There’s no question that Wonder Woman is a vital film for Warner Bros. and DC, who have an iconic and well known character on their hands that could either take their DC Extended Universe to the next level, or continue it down the path laid out by Batman v Superman and its follow up Suicide Squad, which were not loved by as many movie-goers and fans as the studio would’ve hoped.

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Wonder Woman has been a symbol of hope, strength and compassion to many since her inception in 1940, but her example particularly to women has been noted globally. This is perhaps demonstrated best by the recent inclusion of former Wonder Woman television series actress Lynda Carter, and Gadot herself by the UN to represent women’s values.

The character is seen as culturally important, and thus it is more than likely that the public will turn out in force to see her feature-length solo film. It could be a huge box office success, perhaps even pulling in as much as Supes did in the 2013 reboot Man of Steel, which brought in over $660 million Worldwide.

The second trailer largely adds to its predecessor, but given how good we thought the first trailer was, that works here. We see more of the film’s action set pieces, such as the Amazons fighting against German soldiers, which looks incredible, we also get to hear more dialogue particularly from Gadot herself which strengthens our confidence in her ability to carry her own film. There’s also the presence of humour in the trailer which seems to fit really well with the overall tone of Wonder Woman.

Of course, our initial reaction must be tempered with an understanding that this is merely a trailer for a movie and not the full finished product. The picture could still be terrible, as with any other movie, but from what I’ve seen thus far, I must say I’m looking forward to Wonder Woman the most out of DC’s upcoming film slate.

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See Wonder Woman when it flies into cinemas June 2nd, 2017.


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Source: Warner Bros.

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