‘Logan’ Trailer

Logan image courtesy of @20thCenturyFoxThe first trailer for Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Marvel Comics berserker Wolverine has officially hit the web.

Knowing that Hugh Jackman’s time portraying Marvel Comics mutant Wolverine was drawing to a close, fans from all over the world called for the studio to make his final solo outing a no holds barred, more gritty and world-weary showing for the character, similar in style to Ben Affleck’s Batman performance we saw earlier this year. Naturally, the success of 20th Century Fox’s latest R-rated offering Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, only added fuel to the fire and has clearly led the studio to go confidently where not many dare to tread too often.

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That R-rating can present a big obstacle in the way of a film’s box office potential, given that your essentially severing a significant chunk of the movie-going audience out of being eligible to watch it, but the trend seems to have shifted a tonne this year. With that, the stage seems to be well set for Logan, and the film’s first official trailer indicates that director James Mangold isn’t pulling any punches.

While watching the trailer you in no sense get the feeling that this is an X-Men movie, the film’s title is very fitting, but rather a more isolated story that’s about a tough yet hard up guy, who we’ve seen give his all time and again without asking for much in return, and, unlike before, his time is now slowly running out. It seems Wolverine’s ability to regenerate is wearing thin and bullets don’t bounce off him like they used to. ‘Time heals all wounds’ is not the sentiment here, and the video’s overall tone is really demonstrated perfectly by the choice of music in Johnny Cash’s Hurt, separating it strongly from other film’s in the genre.

As the first proper piece of promotional material for the film, we have yet to find out much of Logan‘s story, but we can see from this that the movie will indeed be set in a ravaged post-apocalyptic world. In fact, one of the best things about the trailer is that it plays like a 90-minute piece of art with its own beginning, middle and end, yet it doesn’t reveal too much about the movie at all; Hollywood marketing departments take note.

We’ll keep you posted as more on Logan comes up!

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See Logan when it claws its way into theatres March 3rd 2017.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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