Ben Affleck Posts Deathstroke Set Video; Character To Be Main Antagonist Of Solo Batman Film (*Updated)


Batman v Superman star Ben Affleck teases the appearance of DC Comics antihero Deathstroke in the upcoming Justice League movie, and reports suggest the character will be the main villain in the solo Batman film.

Warner Bros. and DC continue to tease fans with new inside looks and sneak peeks of their upcoming DC Extended Universe properties, with Zack Snyder’s Justice League being main the priority. The studio is set to kick-off the summer with Wonder Woman, the character’s first solo outing in a feature film, and end the year with an assembly of heroes, including the Amazonian Princess herself, along with Ben Affleck’s Batman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and new additions Ezra Miller as The Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

Reporters were able to get a detailed look at Justice League during set visits back in June, and it wasn’t long until they were given the all clear to release their experiences to the public. We heard that not only will the film be lighter in tone and character-driven, but that it will feature Steppenwolf as the main villain. However, it turns out Darkseid’s right-hand will not be the only antagonist the League will have to face.

Batman himself Ben Affleck took to Twitter to post a behind-the-scenes video of what clearly looks like DC Comics anti hero mercenary Deathstroke, walking ominously towards camera. With Justice League currently filming in London it seems as though this would indicate an appearance from the gun-for-hire in the team-up movie itself. What’s also interesting to note is that long-time fan nominee for the role Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike XXL, True Blood) happened to be staying in the English capital right around the time Affleck uploaded the clip. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t let up the identity of the costume’s occupant so we have yet to receive official casting news on that front.

Not long after the video was posted, The Wrap reported that Deathstroke would be introduced in Justice League in order to set the character up for a main villain role in the first Affleck-directed solo Batman film, an interesting choice indeed given the physical parallels between the two. The grizzly mercenary would surely give the Dark Knight a real (man vs. man) fight, which is something we haven’t yet seen this version of the character face as of yet.

The report also indicated that the caped-crusader’s standalone film will be titled “The Batman“, and is expected for release in 2018, accompanying the already scheduled Aquaman and Flash movies.

*Update – After speaking to DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, The Wall Street Journal has now confirmed that Joe Manganiello will be playing Deathstroke/Slade Wilson as the villain in Ben Affleck’s The Batman. Although, It is still not clear whether the character will be the main villain in the film. When asked about Deathstroke’s involvement in Justice League Johns declined to comment.

We think the prospect of Deathstroke being a recurring villain, think Loki’s role within the MCU, would be the best way to make use of the mercenary’s skill set, and Manganiello’s strong on-screen presence.

Who do you think will be playing Deathstroke?

Let us know below, or join the conversation on Twitter!

Justice League leaps into cinemas November 17th, 2017, “The Batman” has yet to receive an official release date.

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